Asian Roofs 2

IMPORTANT: This world can be updated using our additional packs once you have Asian Roofs 2. To add packs, visit our WEBSITE

Asian architecture and more than 30 custom animals such as elephants, tigers, crocodiles, etc., 30 profession villagers, 30 mini-games, Custom legends, Improved behaviors, tradings, fishing, hunting, etc. And you can get more packs on our website :)

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Additional packs are available on our WEBSITE and you can check there what changed from v1 to v2 :)


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I need permission to use your addon please, for my server (I credited you)
There are a few issues with the map/addons when I use it in my server, namely:
Most of the items are non-existent; they show up in the inventory but are invisible, the same if I try getting them through commands. The same issue is present with the mobs; they can naturally spawn, but cannot be summoned or spawned. Please fix these, my server cannot run with all these bugs.
Hi, can I use this amazing map for my server (and the addons you make) if I credit you in the post and the world itself?
I hope he takes it down.
OK, you aren't responding so I'm just going to do it (still crediting you)
And that building from Thailand is actually Angkor wat from Cambodia
We have 2 things related to Thailand:
-a buddha in our Museum of Nature
-a white temple on top of the northern region
And I don't see Cambodia or Singapore
Hi! We did build a temple inspired of the Angkor Wat from Cambodia

And we did not say we built something from Singapore, did we?
I really love this map but I have one minor problem with the sharks which is: they don't really swim very much

still a 15/10 map tho
Thnk you very much! Yeah it's true they don't swim a lot. We will make a little pack to make them swim more today. The pack will be released on our website as soon as it is done
What's the name of the website?
It's called ""

The Shark pack is ready and available there :)

Here is a link to the website:
Hi there! Version 2 is coming in June 2020 :)
When of June 2020 this map will release?
WOW I can’t thank you enough but maybe u should make a separate pack for the animals so people don’t need to extract them to use them on there own worlds this is amazing 10/10
You’re welcome :) The thing is that making a separate pack is harder to monitor and because we will eventually add many packs to Asian Roofs 2 and then we would have to make 2 packs every time we add animals to AR.

Furthermore, there is a chance that people lose interest in AR if they can just take the animals to their own world.

However, we still think about it but we don’t want to give you too much hope. Hope you understand :)
This is an amazing game! I just have one question, how do you interact with sick villagers?
Hey sorry for the late reply! You cannot interact with them unless it is to cure them. In this case, tou need to serve them some "rabbit stew", "mushroom stew" or "beetroot soup"
No doubt, I'll enjoy this
ok now this looks sick. a shame it's not updated, but i'll still rate it 5.
Can you separate the world itself from all the quests, animals, mini-games and stuff? It would be AMAZING to play in survival without the whole "can't mine anything but ores" bit.
Can you separate the world itself from all the quests, animals, mini-games and stuff? It would be AMAZING to play in survival without the whole "can't mine anything but ores" bit.
Amazing world, I liked the architecture, but can you add some modern buildings. Perhaps you can texture the paintings to look like Asian art.
Thank you and we did change the texture of the paintings...
Can you add indonesia food