Published on October 11, 2021 (Updated on November 26, 2021)

Arktoon Minecraft (POLISHING UPDATE) 1.7.0

arktoon addon is an addon made alone by ijatullah, this addon is inspired by the pixark and ark games, so there are several similar features, this addon I made for people who want to play ark or pixark but don't have adequate devices, so just go to the main thing is

we start from the features available in this addon, starting from the taming feature 


          the taming feature in this addon is different from the usual minecraft taming, this taming system is similar to pixark or ark games, there are two types of taming, namely passive taming and aggressive taming


                     Passive taming doesn't involve combat, it only uses food to tame them, there are two levels of passive taming

  1. you only need to feed them with three types of berries, namely amarberry, azulberry or tintoberry


You can find berries from this entity

2. you need to knock them out by feeding the narcoberries, then you can tame them with those three berries


           Aggressive taming is a taming technique with combat, there are three levels of aggressive taming

1. you just need to knock them down with a wooden sword, then you can tame them with raw meat

2. you need to take them down by shooting with poison arrows or weakness arrows, then you can tame it with raw meat

3. You have to knock them down with a crossbow and use poison arrows or weakness arrows, then you can tame it with raw meat

There was alternative recipe to make those arrow

After we done with taming feature, let’s continue to skill feature


Every rideable mobs are available to using skills, to use skill, we need this two items

After you’ve got those items you need rideable mob and use those items (press on phone, right click on computer) while you riding



          Some creature could bring you to explore deepsea, they will give you conduit power effect, those creatures are





         diving, just press jump button on water, if you want back to surface, just press it one more time, but it has a problem that you will out of your animal if you turn it into floating from diving


To get saddle you have to make saddle bench

Then you can trade, but every saddle need orbs, to get 1 orb you need 5 new exp, you can get new exp from every single creature in this addon

Here is table of orbs that you need to make saddle


         There was eight kinds of full set equipment, that is

-carbonemys set

-raptor set

-tricera set

-ankylo set

-doedicurus set

-scorpion set

-wolf set

-trex set

           To get armor you need armor benchArmor bench

To make armor, you need materials of animals that willing to becomes your armor, to get materials of it, just kill the creatures, and to make rpg element, you need an orb to make one of those armor or sword


carbonemys sword

damage 6

durability 280

raptor sword

damage 8

durability 300

tricera sword

damage 8

durability 300

ankylo sword

damage 7 

durability 300

doedicurus sword

damage 8

durability 300

scorpion sword

damage 13

durability 1500

wolf sword

damage 15

durability 2000

trex sword

damage 20

durability 2000

          To get a sword, you need a sword bench

          To make a sword, you need a steel of it sword


carbonemys sword steel

2 bone

1 carbonemys shell

1 carbonemys leather

raptor sword steel

2 bone

2 raptor claw

1 raptor leather

tricera sword steel

2 tricera horn

1 tricera leather

ankylo sword steel

2 ankylo plate

2 ankylo spike

1 ankylo tail

doedicurus sword steel

2 doedicurus spike

2 doedicurus shell

1 doedicurus tail

scorpion sword steel

2 scorpion eye

2 scorpion scale

1 scorpion tail

wolf sword steel

4 wolf tail

2 wolf bone

1 wolf leather

trex sword steel

4 trex claw

2 trex leather

1 trex bone

                      Make sure you don't make only one steel, because you will need more than one steel


                      Before we know everything about creatures here, we have to know about temperament of creatures, temperament has 3 type, PASSIVE, CALM, AND AGGRESSIVE

PASSIVE is the weakest temperament, they wont attack you even you attack them

CALM is normal temperament, they wont attack you first, but if you attack them, they will fight you

AGGRESSIVE aggressive is dangerous temperament, they will attack you no matter what happens


                ankylo is strong creature, they have a hard and spiky shell, they can attack with head and tail


                      Tricera is fast dinos, pretty fast for that fat body, they attacking using horn, and they can charging


                      Phiomia is good for farming, i mean you kill them to get items, for now phiomia are useless, but next update i'll make them remembered


                      Parasaur is fast creature, seriously, they are really good for beginner to explore the map, but they have low health and damage, so be careful out there


                      Coyote is very nice for beginner, they can become companion and mount, because they have good damage and speed, but they are aggressive, so be careful


                      Dilophosaur is good companion, you need a lot to make an army of dilos, but they are not rideable


                      Direwolf is danger creature, they are not for beginner, they have a lot of health and big damage, so prepare yourself to tame this creature


                      Emperor scorpion is strong creature, high damage, but slow speed, they are really slow so dont use it for exploring, you better use it for soldier in your base


                      Oviraptor is calm creature, same as dilo they are not rideable


                      Pachy is small creature, but it's perfect creature to exploring, they have a good speed and has 2 skill while you tame it


                      Raptor is aggressive creature, but it's perfect creature for medium player, it has a lot of damage, high speed, and strong health


                      Trex are the most powerful creature, with a hundred of heart and a lot of damage, their bite will make you dying in one hit, not for beginner


                      Pteranodon is flying creature, so that you can fly with them, they are passive, but if you tame them, they will have a special skill, that is spinning, really good for beginner flying mounts


                      Argentavis is aggressive creature, same as pteranodon, you can fly with them, but be careful, they are more danger thsn phantom


1.   Beelzebufo

        Beelzebufo is giant frog, can jumping really high and running really fast

2.   Carbonemys

        Big turtle with strong shell are perfect to protect themselves from a predator

3.   Carnotaur

        Make sure you tame them before you tame trex

4.   Doedicurus

        Really similar with ankylo, they are really slow, but when they are rolling they are fast as raptor that went to toilet

5.   Gigantopithecus

        Giant gorilla, they are really big and strong

5.   Quetzal

          The legend told they are never landing

1.   Diplocaulus

        Amphibious creatures, they can walking and swimming

2.   Sarco

          Ancient crocodile, they are aggressive and really strong

3.   Spinosaurus

        Giant fish eater, but stronger than tyranno rex

4.   Terror bird

        The real terrorist on savannah

Here is the full spec of those creatures



main monster SARCO

spawning on SWAMP BIOME


main monster DIREWOLF

spawning on FROZEN BIOME



spawning on DESERRT BIOMIE



Select version for changelog:


-bug fix.

-particle added.

-remodel and retexture armor.

-polishing taming percentage.

-new attack system.


i cant explain how to install an addon here, may you can find on youtube or any information site to install it

Installation Guides

muy buen mod!!!
Hey man it’s me again and thx for adding a diplo but I am here cuz I have 2 request to give you
I am a great creator at servers and I was wondering if I could make a server out of this addon I know it’s a lot but it is ok if you say no it is your choice. The next request was for a bronto and a dodo and I know that I sound a little bit dumb for this but I love dodo’s there just so cute so I was wondering if you could add it in with the bronto I’m not rushing you tho if you say no remember I don’t really want this stuff but I still kinda really want it in the game for new gameplay and if you could drop in megalania and some newer models but don’t rush! Cuz I know this is your first addon have fun! And enjoy your day! And I hope this addon get’s to 100,000 downloads if that is possible :)
More suggestions: compys,daedon,procropton,bronto,big ear bunnys,and kaprosuchus
All of them are rideable except compy and big ear bunny
And all of them are aggressive tame lv 2 or 1
Could you do remodels for dinosaurs tho other then that’s it’s a sick addon
Creo que está un bug porque no pueden volar los dinos voladores podrían decirme cómo puedo ASER para que vuelen o si es un bug podrían corregirlo
Mui bueno, me gusto mucho te felizito por tan buen trabajo,si me permites un a sujeresncia para que metieras el traje tek solo es una sujerencia
muchas gracias, pero ¿qué es el traje tek?
El traje tek es una armadura futurista de un dlc de pixark, funciona con un material llamado elemento que solo sueltan los jefes, esta tecnología solo puede crearse con un fabricante tek
Si es una armadura mui abansada con la que puedes volar siempre y cuando tengas elemento y cada piesa te da abilidades
Botas evitarian que te agas daño al caer de un lugar alto
thank you it works now
no problem, hope you enjoy the addon
cant use the resource pack for 1.7 my antivirus blocks me from it and when i did download it after disabling the antivirus the file format is .exe? where is the .mcaddon? im able to get the behavior pack just fine.
i refuse to open a quesitonable exe to try the mod
im sorry for that, you can download it now, i've disable it, i hope you understand
Hola mui buen complemento

Podrias meter el grifo y el traje tek
Y una pregunta ¿porque ai un direwolf mas grande que otro? ¿Es porque uno es un boss y otro no?
añade el garrote y el mortero
Lo pensaré, gracias por el consejo.
I was thinking of a suggestion to add the archaeopteryx, They would sit on the player's shoulder like the parrot and give you the slow Falling effect for a little while.
If that's not asking too much, they could have budgie green colors.
i'll think about it, thank you for advice
Hi, I've got a problem with downloading. When ever i try downloading the Resource pack from link verse it downloads an .exe. How can i fix this or is this just a me problem?
ah, sorry, im so sorry for that, i'll change the requirement
Thanks for making the Spino stronger than the Rex it's my favorite Dino but could you make it more Harder to tame cause I easily tamed them
XD yes sir, next update, sorry for that weird things, and thank you so much for support me :)
XD yes sir, next update, sorry for that weird things, and thank you so much for supporting me :)
Hay un pequeño bug en los items de habilidad 1 y 2 si se pueden crear pero no activan la habilidad,de ahi en mas todo funciona perfectamente.
Crees poder agregar un boss pronto? Podrias crear una estructura donde un objeto como un ARK te cambie cierto loot de dinos por el spawn de un jefe como la araña gigante,y su loot podria ser su cabeza y tecnología tek
hay un cambio que hice en el sistema de habilidades, porque ahora uso un sistema más seguro, puedes usar elementos de habilidad (lo mismo que comer) para activarlo, perdón por los cambios confusos y gracias por siempre apoyarme.
This is amazing, I hope u add more structures to the addon soon 😍
thank you much for your reply, i'll add more structure, bcs the structure that i've made are too flat, thank you so much