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Published on October 24, 2020 (Updated on October 24, 2020)

Auto Honey Farm

Tired of placing a campfire under bee nest every time you want to take honey? In this world you can find full automatic honey farm and build it in your world to make the gameplay better.

I don't like when bees attack me when I took honey and I decided to build full automatic farm. To build it you don't need lots of resources and time, all you need is nether quartz, iron and some other materials.

In the world I left a book with some basic information.

If you are going to built this map in your own world, you need to be careful with hopper and items that are inside them.

You will need 1 bottle with honey, 16 other items (for example cobblestone renamed to "kobblestone") which you will need to put in other 4 free slots of the hopper with sign (it is already done in the world)

In the hopper which is connected to the chest, there will be 1 bottle with honey, if you remove it, it will appear again. Don't forget to load empty bottles and plant some flowers near this farm. (and don't forget about bees)

Select version for changelog:

  1. Rewritten, more detailed description
  2. Better map introduction
  3. Added important notes. 


  1. Go to the link
  2. Wait about 10 sec.
  3. Click "Free access with ads"
  4. Discover some interesting articles
  5. Click "Continue"
  6. Download file and open using Minecraft

You can make this farm better and post it to your own websites, but leave link to the original world with farm (you can use direct link to mediafire)

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