Published on June 15, 2021 (Updated on June 16, 2021)

Auto Smelt Addon-Cut Clean (1.17)

When mining an ore such as gold, iron, copper or old rubble, it would have to be melted in a furnace to turn it into ingot normally, this plugin saves you from smelting the ore and directly gives you the ingot plus the ore experience.

This is very useful for fast game modes like UHC Run

When mining an ore it will give you the number of ingots corresponding to the raw minerals mined, this works both with copper, gold, iron and ancient debris as well as their deepslate versions.

This means the fortune enchant works.

Minerals also give experience orbs when mined

Copper:1 xp orb

Iron:1 xp orb

Gold:2 xp orb

Ancient debris:1 xp orn



         Is necessary to have the game in the English (United States) language for the addon to work                correctly


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Added the tag of version 1.17 and the video of the addon


The installation is very simple having only to put the behaviors pack


Supported Minecraft versions

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Amigo seria posible hacerlo como un libro de encantamiento aparte!? Sería genial
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Can u make it as a enchant it will be good
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wait it only works on beta?
i dont have beta
i have orginal
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don't worry, it also works on non-beta version :)
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