Auto-Smelt Addon!

Tired of needing to smelt gold ore and iron ore in a furnace once you mine them? Want them to drop as ingots instead? Well then, this addon is for you!

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Fixed links and some text, e.g. PixelPlay and jesser101 youtube links and changing the words of maps/worlds to addon.


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Thank you sooo much for direct download link without those stupid ad websites this addon is so useful thank you soooooo much
Hey! Can u just make an auto smelter enchantment so that if u add auto smelting for sand to glass,or debris to netherite,I can pick if I would get the sand or auto smelt it to glass. And pls add debris to netherite,sand to glass,etc. Thanks :)
Does it work with fortune?
Hello can i use this in my upcoming map? Also does this work in enchantment fortune? I will give creduts :D
Do it work with fortune and add ancient debris
Do nether gold ores work
No, as nether gold ore only drops gold nuggets. We might add ancient debris to this mod in a future update tho!
Does fortune works?
excuse me I have a suggestion to make the addon more complex and I would like your answer to a question that I would like to ask if you can privately
How do you equip it on windows 10?
Just enable the addon in the behavior pack files of the world and enable cheats. Make sure that you have also installed the addon into your game by simply opening the mcpack file. If you're still confused you can watch the auto-smelt tutorial linked above. Hope this helps! ;)
Fortune 3/2/1 WORKS?
Is it possible to make the ores not go straight in your inventory by cloning a dropper that spits out the ingot that tps to that ore before deleting it without it being slow? I know its possible but its slow. Thanks! <3
Unfortunately, this container storing the iron ingot would need to replace some blocks in the world, additionally, there would need to be a ticking are there 24/7. It's not the best idea performance-wise, so this is the next best alternative.
Does it work on realms?
Yes, it doesn’t require experimental features and it works on realms.