Published on September 13, 2021

Axolotl Minecarts

This texturepack is add Axolotl on minecart. If you are tired of Minecraft's original minecarts, you can use this pack. NOTICE: If you wanna change the Axolotls colors, you need to be off Minecraft when you choosed the color. NOTICE 2: Inspired by

Blue Axolotl

Pink Axolotl

Cyan Axolotl

Yellow Axolotl

Brown Axolotl



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Hey the Axolotl lover! This Texture Pack is amazing I have viewed all 3 of your creations and used it because I am also an axolotl lover!

Is'nt it amazing
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Not useful. Parma will process that
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I'm not doing this for usefully, I'm doing it because it's fun. Thank you.
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Hell yeh man, axolotl on da cart
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