Published on January 15, 2021 (Updated on January 20, 2021)

Az3's Survival Disaster 2

Welcome to the sequel of my most popular map where you have to face through 25 disasters and survive them until there is only at most one worthy enough player that wins the game!

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  1. COMBAT UPDATE: Added armors and swords on ever 3 survives in the game.
  2. Fixed the issue where the dialouge of the Secret Ending (Playing the game 20 times) executes in Random(Levitation) and Random(Hero Over Skeleton).
  3. Fixed the regeneration error.
  4. Re-edited the credits.
  5. Reformatted the Anti-Repetition bot's message due to wall text.
  6. Slight bug fixes and tweaks.

Special thanks to Gamertaj14 for the suggestion that he has on Youtube.


And for those people who recorded the map in 1.0.0 or 1.0.1, you can rerecord the game and see the changes. :)



  • Az3_SD2_v1_0_2_1611041093.mcworld
  • Az3_SD2_(v1_0_2).zip
  • Az3_SD2_1.0.1(OLD VERSION).mcworld
  • Az3_SD2_1.0.1(OLD VERSION).zip
  • Az3s_SD2_1.0(OLD VERSION).mcworld
  • Az3s_SD2_1.0(OLD VERSION).zip

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The v1.0.2 map is now currently being on pending and I hope it solves all the problems.

And for kids who are playing this map. Don't read the "Procrastination" book in the command access, thx to CyrillGamingPH who discovered this. I forgot to replace it so it'll be replaced in v1.0.3. (which will be on next month for the sake of mcpedl seeing my map when accepting it)
1.0.2 has now been released. Too bad MCPEDL didn't set the image thumbnail :(
The concept is cool and the map looks incredible but the gameplay is slow and repetitive especially when you're playing by yourself. I find that to often you are just running in circles or hiding under cover and the arena that you play in isn't altered by the "disasters" at all. I really want to like this map and it's clear a lot of effort was put into it but it's not very replay-able.
I understanmd about the repetitive and slow gameplay that you have experienced as it also happens to me as well. I tried my best to find a way to make it more fun but the "randomizer" that minecraft has only chooses the easier one. Thus, making it repetitive.

I'll be updating this map for like a week or two and see if I can fix the issue. Thanks for the feedback! :D
Can't wait to see what you do, good luck!
fantastic! keep improving it!!!