Published on December 29, 2022 (Updated on July 11, 2023)

Azure Lake (Theme park) NEW UPDATE!

Hello! Welcome to Azure Lake by ImmersionCraft, our first custom themepark map. Azure Lake is still a work in progress and currently features 3 themed areas: O-LABS, Egypt and The Jungle. We have 5 rollercoasters, including our 300ft Giga Coaster, Osiris and our brand new rollercoaster, Turmoil. We also have Minecraft's best flat ride, 'Temple Trap', our topspin ride, was voted best flat ride at the C&C awards September 2022! Experience our BRAND NEW ride, REACTOR today!

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  • Added new ride, REACTOR. Located in O-LABS.
  • Made changes to Tomb of the Pharaoh and Temple Trap ride systems to update them to work in the latest version of the game.
  • Improved the shop near Osiris
  • Added lots of construction zones for attractions which will open in the future.


Dear mods who denied the submission because we didn't give credit for the map, this is our map. We do not know who posted it to the other site and this is an update of the version posted in December. The description says "by ImmersionCraft" and this account name is ImmersionCraft. We can also provide construction photos of us building the map and can tweet at you from the ImmersionCraft twitter account if you'd like. 


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Love the giga coaster 🎢 especially the color scheme and layout/support love the pictures with rtx and also the building's on the park are so accurate from a real life park hoping to see more update about this park!
Hi! Nice addon, probably the best FNAF one out there. I love how everything is still faithful to the minecraft style. In the next update, could you make it to where if you click on the Celebration poster, freddys nose honks like in the game. Great addon. Keep up the great work!