Baby Mode++

This addon is a challenging recreation of Fundy’s Baby Mode plugin! This addon makes Minecraft SO EASY, by essentially making it impossible to die and allows you to collect resources to beat the game at ease! If you ever wanted to beat Minecraft, but you never have, then this is the addon for you!

This addon includes:

  • Auto max enchanting for items/armor !
  • Infinite Resistance and Fire Resistance for the player !
  • Automatically kills all nearby hostile mobs (not including bosses).
  • Passive mobs infinitely respawn after being killed!
  • Stone drops ores (e.g. iron ingots, coal, diamonds, etc...)
  • All ores are auto-smelted (including gold ore, iron ore and ancient debris)
  • God gives you free boats when you swim in water.
  • /function blazerodsplease to get free blaze rods!
  • /function enderpearlsplease to get free ender pearls!
  • /function nou to kill nearby ender dragons and withers

PLEASE NOTE: Enabling cheats is required to use the above /function commands!

Watch video below to see all of these demonstrated in depth! :)

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Official Discord

Official Youtube

Addon Creator: jesser101 (Owner of PixelPlay MAPS)

Additional Notes:

If you experience issues with downloading – feel free to join the discord to receive a raw file of the addon!

Select version for changelog:


- Added hyperlinks to "discord", "youtube" and "jesser101" in the description


1. Down the mcpack or zip file using the mediafire link .

2. Open the downloaded mcpack file for the addon to automatically install into the game!

Supported Minecraft versions

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4.31 / 5 (16 votes)
I have problems with the mode somtimes many mobs increases in the mod making a the game laggy and Impossible to play pls fix
Is this suppost to be laggy? It is extremely laggy...
Do Shield As Well Can Be Auto Enchanted?

BTW This Is Cool It Doesn't Matter If Entity Multiples Crashes... :)
somestuffisfinebutdoesntwork August 21, 2021 at 3:02 pm
omg tysm for making this ill use it in every one of my world again
somestuffisfinebutdoesntwork August 21, 2021 at 3:02 pm
omg tysm for making this ill use it in every one of my world
Sir I am using this mode for a while but if goes fox biome so if fox attacks a animal so the animal gets duplicate and duplicate and after so much of animals it lags a lot and I have to delete the world please fix this
After all a nice mod
Great addon! This is very similar to Fundy's plugin. I downloaded this because I didn't want to buy a Minecraft Java Server thing for a plugin. Just one thing: every time I attack the mobs, they duplicate. Other than that, this is an awesome addon! I made a video with this mod:
link for video:
does it work on education edition. pls i need to know. if it does not can you pls update it to work on education edition?
GuyWhoPlaysMinecraftForTheFirstTime June 27, 2021 at 12:27 am
Its only on regular minecraft aka bedrock edition and education edition is 1.14 not 1.16
I cant get it is it because im on 1.16.2?
I cant figure out how to download it can somebody help me figure it out my discord is Lemoned Milk#0471 if you have discord
1 pig took fall dmg then another and another and they all multiplied theres now like 10k pigs
I oils love to make this a 5 star but there are a few things that I don’t like but I can deal with them but the thing that actually cost the 5th star was the fact that I just lost a world because of the mobs respawning after death but they weren’t during it was sheep getting burned on campfires in a village and well there were so many that my game crashed and corrupted the world
Ima make a world with this and troll my friends with full netherite, and I wont tell them how I got it >:)
Great addon! But, when I added it to my MC realm, my friends created a giant lag machine because the animals duplicate every time you hit them, not when it dies so can you please make another version that disables the animal duplicating or one that makes it so that it only duplicates when they are killed. Please and thank you!