Published on February 03, 2022 (Updated on October 19, 2022)

Baby Mode - Super Easy Survival

Previously made a nightmare survival package, belonging to the type of challenge, more popular with the public, so then separate and out of the nightmare survival A and B version, B version is more difficult and more challenging. But there are many players with me to reflect the elite monster can not see the situation, individuals are currently looking for reasons. If there are compatibility issues with the module, it may be tricky to communicate with the author of the conflicting modules and work together to optimize the solution.This time, the package is biased towards newcomers, which can be very simple.

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1.1 update

Update the API to support 1.18

Added new version of creature

Supported Minecraft versions

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How do I activate it?
This is very annoying!!
Great I passed the game quickly thank you
Doesn't work. It literally does nothing at all.
It works when I test, so I release it.
suchatchokecherdchai February 03, 2022 at 5:31 am