Published on February 15, 2021 (Updated on February 25, 2021)

Back To Where It All Started 1.0.3 (Minecraft Map)

Do you remember playing classic minecraft when your a kid?

Well this map is for you

This map will make you feel nostalgic

Also works in multiplayer

Only works in 1.16.100 or above

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I love this map but it says level import failed plz fix it.
so this is the map back to we all start hmmm it look like the minecraft 2009 version so this is the better map
You may not have been able to see what I saw in Picture 3. Shame seriously
Ḧ̵̡͍͍́̚e̸͙̒́͜r̴͓͉̞̚̚͝o̵̙͖̪̒̀͝b̴͉͚͔͛̈́͠r̴͎͚͕̿͘í̸̟̙̽͌͜ń̵͍͙͇͐̔e̵͉̟͇̔͊͝ February 16, 2021 at 10:31 am
XD Looks Like I found out what you saw in picture 3 lolololol
in all those pics he is at half a heart will hunger bars 0 😂😂
I love it thx this is lots of nostalgia. Could you possibly make a resource pack separately too? Great Job.
its just a texture pack for map,
this texture pack only retexture's cobblestone into old cobblestone
and magenta wool into 6 sided grass