Powder Bags- Texture Pack

A novelty re-texture of powder items. Redstone, Glowstone dusts, Sugar, Gunpowder, White Dye. Some items are also renamed for example "fertilizer" which is bone meal. There are 2 version of the texture pack. Check below.

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Changes to feature image. Thanks for having my back :) sorry for the delay

Supported Minecraft versions

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Can you make it into a mediafire link
Would be great if it downloaded like the bagged seeds, like if it didn't go to your files and went straight to Minecraft. This would be great for Windows 10 players like myself :D
Three stars since i love the seeds lol
Ohh That's Cool Texture Pack For Me 5 star
Can you make the 1.17 powder snow into one of the bags please and make it have a snowflake for the logo of the bag
Just make every single item in a bag
Eg bag of diamond swords
What Dark Mode texture pack were you using? It looks good!
Can I use this in my pack for personal use? I will not redistribute it, only for my personal use as I love this pack so much but don’t want to have 46 texture packs active again lol
and it's weird to mine ores or glowstone then get a bag lol

but good job tho
Guest-5794110211 May 31, 2020 at 6:19 pm
plz quick request can u make invisible leather armor? i play be alot and i like seeing my skin since sometime i make the head on the body to make it like a tiny skin but i cannot see it in game as armor covers it ty! :P
Hey I can’t add u on discord help plz?
I recommend that you just use subpacks(sliders when u open the cog/settings) instead of separate rs pack.
I wanna talk to you on Discord
Add me please BlueFoxKidd#8514
Cant decide if V2 is better or derp lol 10/10
Hey I can’t seem to add u on discord?
Is experimental gameplay required for this to work?