Baldi's Basics: The Add-on! PLUS+ v. 1.1.9 Update

An addon that is inspired by the indie horror game: 

Baldi's Basics

by mystman12/ Basically, Games! 

This addon adds most of the features from the Baldi's Basics games, and adds a horror element to your game. 

NOTE: You need to turn on experimental features for the add-on to work. 

And if you want to review, showcase or make a Minecraft Map with this add-on, please don't forget to credit me in the description.

YouTube and Instagram: CMBF_Studios

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v.1.1.9 Updates:

Remastered Pack:

  • New banner
  • New door textures
  • New skybox textures
  • New Dr. Reflex sounds
  • Fixed character collision boxes
  • New BSODA spray textures

Decor Pack:

  •  No current updates



Supported Minecraft versions

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My poster can't load!
The mod does not work for version 1.20, starting a world causes the game to crash, I hope you can fix it, (very good ♪⁠~⁠(⁠´⁠ε⁠`⁠ ⁠)
damn, I was so hyped for this addon
its keeps crashing my game after starting new game, (I think) I did everything correctly at installation process..
can you add the extra stuff like bladder 0th prize badsum and joe
it crashes every time
Can you add more mystical creatures?
it just crashes
It doesn't work. it says not valid zip archive
so it does not crash but when it updated and it crash's my world im not saying anything bad about the mod
Is it the game that didn't load textures or was it this addon? Cause once I load this into my world, the items didn't show and/or don't have textures. Once I spawn baldi characters, they don't have textures.

Maybe it was this addon or the game but I don't know how to fix the "No Texture" problem. Including that I turn on Geo block fixer but that didn't fix it.
Do you know how to fix that?
When I loaded this, the characters and items did have textures, maybe it's the game not loading the textures,it also worked for some people. I'll try to load this addon on my other device to see if it works.
can u pls fix the crashing

everytime i load up this mod in a world it crashes right away making it unplayable and closes my game completly.
try reopening it and it will work, this worked for me
So what do you mean by reopen it? Because everytime I try and open up the addon in a world after it already crash it just crashes again. And I made a whole new world for it and it just crashed it again
I will be fixing the resource and behavior pack by making the links separate
I noticed that once I extract the file and open the folder, you forgot to make Behavior and Resource pack Folders. Also from the previous update of this mod, It crashes your game once you load your world with it. And now there are no two folders for Behavior and Resource Pack. Next time you update this mod, just add Behavior and Resource Pack folders
Why after update no files? You forget to add the file? Or what?