Published on December 31, 2020 (Updated on June 03, 2021)

Inhumanity [v1.5]

Inhumanity is an addon that replaces the unsightly villagers and pillagers with more human counterparts, as well as creates more daytime conflict by adding more humanoid mobs that will spawn naturally across the world. This addon seeks to change some graphical attributes of the game, add a few more mobs and features, but allow the player to feel like they are still playing classic Minecraft.

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Fixed glitch with biome models, however all biome villagers are now plains variants

Changed pillager skin to look more like pillager

Changed creeper skin and model

Changed enemy soldier to pillager soldier

Added more villager skin variants (now 20 total vs previous 6)

Villagers now spawn without jobs

!!!Can now recruit villagers to red or blue factions and players can join each faction!!!




  • BanditMobsv1.5.mcaddon (789.01 KB)
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  • HumanMobsv1.5.mcaddon (1.6 MB)
  • VillageGuardsv1.5.mcaddon (978.18 KB)

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Incredible addon. However, your download link has expired. Please update it!
Mod is great works like a charm but to make this actually inhumanity. Let me assist you in making this mid, charge me with the skins. And give me your WhatsApp details .so I can chat to you in my ideas to noobs this mod is 80% to it's potential but to me this just 20% I'm seeing here . There's more to this mod than you know let me help give me your email or Whatsapp so I can help you on the skins thanks then I can tell you my ideas. Thanks also how do you code and edit your mods on Android, tell me.thanks also consider this offer I really want to help
Pls update this addon, love it
I love the guards in your mod. It's so unique. I would love to see more of them. Maybe a yellow and green faction?
Addon is really awesome I cant play minecraft without this I hope it wont get abandoned. Im gonna apologize now but I did checked the resource pack to see if I can change the skins with the ones with jacket on and it worked but i use it for personal use only
lolzzz of the sussy October 12, 2022 at 7:58 am
Please update the add-on.Its so good ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”
Hay un aldeano que se llama jack
Para que sirve??? No lo puedo hacer guardia y no tiene nada para comerciar
When are you gonna update the addon it's so outdated pls add new thing and pls make it work on Minecraft 1.19
Uhm when I turn a villager into a guard, he turns invisible. How do I fix that? Also there are no female villagers
@vileghoul can you make a new armors and weapons for the villagers maybe everyone would love it and make the villagers armored when tamed
This mod is great so far. Me and my friends are using it in our wasteland world, and everything is just better now. One question though. If you could, how can you equip armor and weapons on guards?
It would be great if, for example, instead of changing the beams of each biome, you could make them a different civilization, such as the Egyptian, the Indian, etc.
Can you give the pillagers helmets?
Can i make the human mobs follow me?
Im pretty late to reply to this but im glad you asked in case anyone else missed this feature. When you download the village guards pack you can recruit normal vilagers by giving them either a bow or a sword. From there if you give them a gold nugget they will join team red. If you give them an iron nuget they will join team red. These two teams will attqck each other. If YOU want to join either team give the guard a piece or paper. That will set your alliance. You will be attacked by the opposing team. This works in multiplayer. To disband from a team find a neutral guard and give him a piece of paper. The paper is a contract or an oath. Enjoy. :)
Addon is amazing, but can you add different cultures? So Villagers will look differently depending on their culture and vllages too. So for example there will be European style villages and Asian style villages