Banglamine City

Banglamine City is a vast city to explore. This city is made up inspired by Bangladeshi urban architecture and infrastructure. It was the most popular creation among the entire Bangladesh Minecraft community; this map project was directed by Renderphoenix creatives , which was previously known as "MINEhutt Studios" 

This city is built on a flat world, with a massive area. The whole city is surrounded by borders. There are many types of buildings in this city that are made as a replica of the real-life building of Bangladesh.

This city model inspired by Bangladeshi urban architecture and infrastructure. This map has realistic and interesting areas to explore such as 'Shongshad bhaban', 'Baitul Mokarram Mosque' etc.

Banglamine city includes streets and paths, residential and commercial areas, local markets, 2 railway stations, parks, Slums, Stadium, etc.

Here are some shots of this city taken with a java edition modded Render. 

Crop fields beyond the city:


National memorable Building:


National Mosque:


We have made this city crowded just like the real Dhaka city. We have made it like a real city with a lot of details. Every road is connected in this city. Though we have some incomplete buildings. The rail track is unfinished and the corners of the city are not well detailed. I will work on this soon. 

Banglamine city high altitude view (vanilla Render) :


Banglamine City in 56 chunks Render distance view (Vanilla Render)


A video about this map by a Bangladeshi Youtuber: 




You are allowed to play in this map however you like. 

Do not export the map anywhere.

Do not share direct link of this Map. 


If you find any bug Pls inform us. Please rate this content



Map Creator: Tasrif Ibn Mizan

This map is also available in the Java edition. If you have Java edition Minecraft and are interested to play with this map, you can ask me on Discord.


If you have any suggestion, Idea , report or want to help. Please let us know on Discord.

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Map is really good. But I think it needs more details and improvements...
hope it's okay but i made a discord roleplay server and i used this map. i will give you credit. If yall want to join our roleplays, then join my server! you can only join the rp if you have a minecraft education account
can't join the discord
hopefully it works for education... i never tried it
Amigo Cual Shader usaste
Very good map, here's the mediafire link to it:
com /file/smvmkltkmdv1lbb/Banglamine_city_By_Minehutt%2528RenderPhoenix_C.%2529.mcworld/file
Just put media fire dot com before the rest of it
Unable to connect to world… :(
Woah this looks cool haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it’s Awesome I just hope it doesn’t say: a new version of this world have loaded it cannot be saved I really wanna play it I can’t when I saw the pictures I wanted to try it
I am NOT using, Make sure to LEARN that what you aredoing is scamming
1 Isn't a scam how would someone get a mediafire if the website is a scam and they can't use it. You sound stupid, just shut up.
hey this it does look good but you know you copy and pasted it into the map and it needs more details and improvements like Andrew J Morgan
This city looks super cool! And im totally not gonna get a nuke addon and destroy it :)
Auto direct:
What Shader are you using
whats the shader?
What is the shader you used i would real love to have it in the world