By Editor
Published on May 19, 2015 (Updated on May 19, 2015)

Banners Mod

The Banners Mod implements twenty different banners where each of them represent the flag of a country. So far only the countries with the highest populations are included but in the future we hope to see Sweden (Minecraft's home!), Norway and other smaller countries included in the mod.

All of the banners need to be obtained using a Too Many Items mod as there are no crafting recipes.

Creator: Juan Zavala

Banner IDs

  • Banner (374)
  • Argentina (375)
  • Australia Banner (376)
  • Brazil Banner (377)
  • Canada Banner (378)
  • Chile Banner (379)
  • Colombia Banner (380)
  • France Banner (381)
  • Germany Banner (382)
  • Indonesia Banner (384)
  • Korea Banner (385)
  • Malaysia Banner (386)
  • Mexico Banner (387)
  • Philippines Banner (389)
  • Russian Banner (390)
  • Saudi Arabia Banner (394)
  • Spain Banner (395)
  • Thailand Banner (396)
  • Turkey Banner (397)
  • U.K. Banner (399)
  • U.S. Banner (401)

Aminecraftplayer2737 July 12, 2021 at 2:50 pm
Good! There is my country mexico!!!
Guest-7061507355 May 09, 2020 at 3:33 pm
Very gud
Good Banner Good Job
where is sweden? add sweden into this!!!
Oh here comes people from the phillipines asking where their flag is when its clearly their
Can you add Banner for Indonesian Flag? It's one of biggest Country in the world dude, Why yo forgot about it? .
There is indonesian flag boi u have to read!
Can you use the in-game commands? To get the banners because I'm on iOS.
Wait this is a mod not a addon (sorry if I acted dumb)
What wat what the!!??
Creator can you update the mod and please add some more banners like lime banners and other kinds of dyed banners please add that
If you have the new version it does have banners and colored ones
How do we add the mod to Minecraft PE
Here you go:
Hey editor add Azerbaijan Banner
it just a moving banners with cow sound
Well, that's what you'll get in this mod.
I'm an expert at banners
Can I get it on my kindle fire HD 7 ??