Published on November 24, 2018 (Updated on November 24, 2018)

Basalt and Flintstone Pack (1.9 Only)

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nice use of the blast furnace top texture
also the link is broken
Basalt exists alredy in game in the Nether, btw nice texture for thoose people who has older versions of Minecraft
The ability to add new blocks to the game, without replacing old ones, finally got added in v beta please update this addon.
Nope he just changed the name of the items and the texture thats it.
Why not replace dorite with basalt. That way it has the ability to be found. And crafted into walls, slabs, stairs, and a polished version aswell
Ability to add new blocks to the game? Since when?
No, he's replacing them with mossy cobblestone and mossy stone brick
Nut .
Its a feature they are about add since the ability to add custom entities came out addon creators are hoping for the block ability.Its not out yet
Actually there, check out more blocks addon.