Published on December 01, 2020 (Updated on January 02, 2021)

Basic SkyBlock

It's basically Basic Skyblock, you will be able to defeat the eand go to the nether. Skyblock is basically a map where there is a void and some blocks, you need to conserve them and try to advance and finish the challenges.

You will be able to go to the nether

you will start on a basic island

there is a snow biome

there is a dungeon
Note: only work on educationedition

i understand that if your on bedrock it wont work, it only will work on education edition since we built it there.

there is a cave

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changed some loot and made more secret chest for fun


Step 1: Validate that your not a robot

Step 2: Click free access with ads

Step 3: click discover articles then click the X

Step 4: Click Continue to go to The media File

Step 5: dowload the map And enjoy

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Thanks for going step by step for the downloading process! also map is great!
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