Published on April 13, 2021 (Updated on July 31, 2021)

Basic Template World [Void, Stone, Water, Lava, and Ice]

Basic Template World is a collection of basic World Templates that are indispensable, especially for builders. This is because this template it can make easier for you to create a world generation based on each template. In the basic world, there are 5 basic templates that are very useful, namely Void, Stone, Water, Ice, and Lava

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  1. Barrier Template World (NEW)
  2. Slime Template World (NEW)


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you've been kidding me im trying to access the void template in mc but it crashes. Sorry But I Rate One Star
Im using this for my minecraft submission do i have your permission?
Yes, this template is free to use, because this is just basic
This is very Cool! But how do i create the template?
Yay void world! Now i can make skyblock!
Nice template world, If you don't mind me asking but what sky pack are you using