Published on September 03, 2017 (Updated on January 07, 2018)

SG Basketball [Minigame]

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Very very cool best ever.❤️❤️❤️
LOVE YOUR MODS AND MINI GAME XD, can you make among us pls??
The map is too old now and I download it
Amazing map! Did a 1v1 vs another youtuber on it! Great work
Worlds sorry autocorrect
Can you make it an addon to put in your words if you know what I mean. Thanks
This is awesome
The effects are too leggy but otherwise, realistic detail and good work!
Hey I am new to programming and recently tried making my own version of this about 3 months back, the only problem I ran into was finding a way to make the ball bounce; which I noticed the description says this adding can't either. I haven't tried the zip behavior pack yet but a way to make it bounce if it can't already is using shulkers. Basically since blocks don't have a hitbox items such as snowballs or ender pearls will break on impact or bounce off. Changing the shulkers to immovable boxes with no behaviors can allow the creation of floors with them as they can be retextured and already have an adequate hitbox. I'm not sure if you are interested in updating the addon but it would be pretty cool; Good work on what you have done
Thanks dude! Actually if you looked in the behaviour packs there is no Addon in this game. It's just a texture pack with precisely coded command blocks :) I tried adding the new map that was bigger but I think it was rejected. Thanks for the feedback though :D
How do i get only the texture pack
I need it
I really want a bigger one plz update soon :D
This is awesome!!! My favorite sport is basketball and the map is AMAZING! Thx for making it!! And good job making it.