Published on February 25, 2021 (Updated on August 25, 2022)

Battle Box (Fan Made)

If you've been watching a few bits and pieces from the minecraft community, you've probably heard of the famous tournament server for content creators, Minecraft Championships (MCC).  This map is a recreation of one of their PvP based minigames, Battle Box. 

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-Added MCC color themed gui for mobile players. 

-Fixed minor bugs not giving items - deleted health indicators to make it fair for everyone. 



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I was wondering what you did to detect the blocks on each team
dude pls change it to linkvertise not adfly! I got bad and inappropriate notifications!
I will going to give it 5 star but I can't open the world because you make it in beta pls make a version that isn't beta I can give you 5 star
Also, the raid horn at the end of each match is too noisy/annoying xD
This map is so cool! But there are some bugs :

1. You dont get arrows properly. (Especially when on Blue bats)
2. When starting a new game, sometimes the "ready" button doesn't work.
3. When a player dies and another player who is alive is near, sometimes the player that is alive gets tp back to the spectators room.
4. Sometimes when picking a power up, other players get it instead of you.
5. When getting the kb sword, it sometimes doesnt give it to you when you are far from it.

Great map but there are a few things that need fixing, but other than that, great job! :D

Bro, please fix this problem, the world doesn't support 1.16.201 because it was in 1.16.210 beta version. I dont want to go to a beta version of mc just to play this map. It would be greatly appreciated if you would fix this, other people would be very thankful as well. Thx!!
Thank you for the report It will be fixed like about 24-48 hours pls wait for the update
bro it doent work in 1.16.201 bcs u made the world in 1.16.201+ beta zz