Published on October 31, 2017 (Updated on October 31, 2017)

BattleTanks Addon

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It just looks like skin with legs!!!!!!!!!! pls fix!!!
The spawn eggs don’t work :/
Pls update ALL of the textures are corrupt
U need to set difficulty to easy
Pls update the texts are corrupt for ALL of the tank. Thank you
Thanks for this addon and we're gonna fight,my brother against me
The texture for the chinese, russian and german tanks are corrupted pls fix tnx!
Texture for china's russia's germany's tanks are destroyed fix pls.
Why do Chinese tanks kill each other sometimes? It’s annoying
I can’t spawn tanks
How to drive it? And the tank barrel is floating??
Make a Battlefield addon
I'm looking forward to seeing Japanese tanks and maybe more of each country's tanks. Like the some from the 21st Panzer Division for Germany or maybe an M4 Sherman for the US
Great work now can you please make a Car add-on with various cars???
Editor my tank are suporsed to look like ur tank in the picture right ? But all of my tank are just big strays and all of the other mobs pls help
Lai, you need to download the textures to
I cannot find the spawn eggs anywhere in creative mode