BdoubleO Resource Pack

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It is great....but! The double cheats are not textured...and coloured beds don't even exist!
Hey update his resource pack!!
Hey can u update the pack
Is there a texture for the double chest?
Why there are no colored glass?
Hey Cretaor, I don’t know why but when you put two chest side by side they turn into a defult chest not the bdubs chest, but the singler chest works perfect ? if you can please can you fix this annoying bug thing for this texture pack.

Kind Regards- Taj Wilson
When will the resource pack with the beds fixed
What's the map from the screenshots?
My beds are glitched But let me redownload It
Fix bed icons plz
You bugged the bed icon textures
Look Cool Dude! But If you change more a kind of flower It will be better!
Can u change the enchantment texture? It bugs me a lot as it is sloppy and could improve it to look more like bdub’s enchantment table instead of this bad texture.
I like it. But update please .