Published on June 26, 2021 (Updated on June 24, 2021)

BeatSaber Parkour Gauntlet

Have you ever seen or played any rythm games before to test your skill? This map is a recreation of the beat saber concept into minecraft with a hint of parkour for the challenge.

Spawning in the world, you are on top of a miniature platform with a button behind you. The map has been designed to mimic the among us drip remix rythm (a popular song recently around meme culture) which means that the blocks and beats you play are synced with the song if you overlay it on the gameplay or by recording it. By pressing the button, the map resets itself and teleports you inside a minecart, which will give you a few eyes of ender in a moment. On this roller-coaster ride, you are to place the eyes on the end portal frames in sync with the music, each portal frame is in sync with the beat of the song (which isn't in the game). Then at the end of that course you will be on another platform with the new 1.17 features, a big dripleaf and new ores parkour course that appears and disappears depending on the timing in the music, which means you have to move swiftly before the blocks behind you disappear or fall down in the dripleaf's case. Then at the end, when you step on the final block during that parkour, you will be launched high in the air. 

During the launch, make sure to avoid the lightning bolts summoned that sync to the music and be sure to land in the middle of the dropper water platform. After that you will be teleported on a train station that creates new tracks in front of it and removes the ones behind it. During the ride, you are given a bow and arrow to shoot a nearby target block to receive an elytra and a firework rocket. The flying train ride does not last very long and summons dripstone stalactites that fall on top of you, so you must be quick to jump off and equip the elytra. You must use that to propel yourself to the finish line platform with the obsidian box. Once you press the button in the finish line you should be done at 30 second mark of the song since the elytra you wear disappears after three seconds so you have to head to the finish line immediately before that happens.

Here is a preview/showcase video to let you know how each stunt is performed. It also shows how the map is synchronized to the among us theme remix. You choose if you wish to add the music to your video or if you just want to listen to the minecraft sounds. 

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Provided an even more detailed description of how the courses take place and how to beat it. 


In downloading, just press skip ad, block all incoming notifications and it will go to mediafire after a minute. Then press the file and import to minecraft. 

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epic actually nice
This is just disrespectful.
Out of ALL the songs you could've used.. you had to use this. Why?
Don't you dare say "Why not".