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Published on January 02, 2020 (Updated on January 02, 2020)

Bedrock Vanish Commands!

Hey there! This "Vanish" addon will allow you and your admins/mods to become invisible! (There will be no particles and no one can see you!) With this addon, you can use this for moderation. It could be used for watching players who may be exploiting or maybe just for fun! I hope you enjoy!


As I said before, this addon is a simple lightweight extension to moderation. Many admins have to use the effect command to disguise themselves so they don't get noticed from normal players. What if you can use a simple command where you won't be noticed from other players? No particles and you won't be found on the map! This will addon will still allow you to do the things you can do in gamemode s/c. There are no restrictions when using Vanish.

LIVE DEMO: Check it out! :

Why should I use this?

Simple, this addon allows you to go past players without them knowing. Want to check a player's chest while they're there? It's simple! Go into vanish and check out their stuff. This does not leave a trail behind for other players to see! Plus only users with the permission of using /function will be able to do this. So no normal players can go into Vanish!

How would I vanish?

Simple! Type in the following command.

/Function Vanish

You will be invisible to other players and will not have any particles around you.

To become visible again...

Simple! Type in the following command.

/Function UnVanish

You will be visible again to everyone! Setup!


Want to have a message on your action bar saying your in Vanish? Well, the add on comes with a built-in scoreboard system. All you do is just set it up the point system in your world. The point system is already in the add on.

Execute the following:

/scoreboard objective add Vanish dummy Vanish

Then in a command block

-Repeating and Always Active


/title @a[scores={Vanish=1}] actionbar You are in Vanish!

Search up color codes in google if you want to customize the color!


If you're stuck in vanish:

Run these commands to get out.

/effect @s clear

/scoreboard players @s reset Vanish


Please report the bug too!



The file is already given! Just download the .mcpack and open it with Minecraft Bedrock. To apply it to a world. Check your behavior packs and look for VanishMOD2 !

1.13 +

Photos below or above show:

1) The one with the chat bar open shows the 2 commands to vanish and unvanish.

2) The one with the diamond sword shows how I’m in vanish mode!

3) The Orange Text in the chat bar shows the message it shows when you're in vanish. Another message will show when your not in vanish.

pssst... If you want a message in your action bar saying your in vanish so you don’t forget. Lookup for setup instructions!

To install it on Mobile...

  • Download the .mcpack
  • Click the share button
  • Click "Save to Files"
  • When asked to "Choose a new location to save this item"
  • Click
  • On my iPhone > Minecraft > Games > com.mojang > Development_behavior_packs
  • Then click save
  • Exit out and launch Minecraft

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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2.45 / 5 (11 votes)
is not working!!!!!
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and commands don't work at all
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well i was going to download the addon but the game says no because it says invalid zip archive for some odd reason
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did u know why he copy it he wanted to master your type of art and btw guys if your gonna talk dont download it then
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GUYS he didn’t steal anything, everybody makes these duh, tbh are you STUPID
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Pls create a world edit addon
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Dude, if you have to copy me, at least do it right. This is the 2nd or 3rd Copy of my SuperVanish Addon, why is every1 doing this? Please take this off of MCPEDL...
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dude ur right stop copying d6b.
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BRUH WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING? if this really is copied. Then how could YOU know? NO ONE KNOWS. UNLESS THE CREATOR SAYS ITS A COPY OR NOT. no, not SpaceTurtle but MCPEDL. HE is the only one who can tear down this map/addon. So why fight? Sure you can report him, but you have to wait until he fully destroys this addon. NOW SHUT UP.
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Pls make it so no one can see in chat that i,m going invisible
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You can do that yourself, smh.
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You can use /effect @s invisibility 999999 0 true and voila your vanish in vanilla
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Nope, when adding the word “true” in the command, it gets rid of all particles which makes this addon useless.
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with the word “true”, there will not be particles already
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These already exist...
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Can you make it so items in your hand don't show in your hand and it says in chat that you leave the game
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You don't need to use this add-on, you can do it manually with a command, just type the following, " /effect @s invisibility 999999 1 true " with that, you can be invisible without this add-on. Hope this was helpful!
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Phuh, I can with commands no mods go in invisible with no particles
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Yeah but adding /effect @p 9999 255 true takes a long time. While this you can just /function vanish and boom your vanished
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Useful for hiding.
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