Published on July 03, 2020 (Updated on May 29, 2022)


This addon allows you to create bedrock and bedrock weapons. To craft these items you will need a lot of cobblestone. You will have to compress thousands of cobblestone in order to get bedrock items.

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+ new bedrock crafting machine

+ harder to craft bedrock


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Can_you_make_tektopia June 14, 2022 at 6:55 pm
Hey vatonage coild you try to get the people that made tektopia on java to allow yoy to make a bedrock version
why isnt it a bed and 8 cobblestone? 0
this is cursed
This sounds like making stone tool but with extra steps
Very good add-on man, but I'll be very happy if you add the ability to brake (and get) bedrock with bedrock pickaxe :-)
Can you make weapons and tools made of bedrock with this add-on??
Like the idea, don't like the crafting. Cobblestone is too cheap and why not use netherite?
yup, maybe 9 netherite blocks into one bedrock block
Yea that sounds right
I Agree and maybe obsidian for example 5 netherite blocks and 4 obsidian = Bedrock
3 bedrock and 2 blaze rod to make a bedrock pickaxe