Published on July 03, 2020 (Updated on May 29, 2022)


This addon allows you to create bedrock and bedrock weapons. To craft these items you will need a lot of cobblestone. You will have to compress thousands of cobblestone in order to get bedrock items.

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+ new bedrock crafting machine

+ harder to craft bedrock


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Can_you_make_tektopia June 14, 2022 at 6:55 pm
Hey vatonage coild you try to get the people that made tektopia on java to allow yoy to make a bedrock version
why isnt it a bed and 8 cobblestone? 0
this is cursed
This sounds like making stone tool but with extra steps
Very good add-on man, but I'll be very happy if you add the ability to brake (and get) bedrock with bedrock pickaxe :-)
Can you make weapons and tools made of bedrock with this add-on??
Like the idea, don't like the crafting. Cobblestone is too cheap and why not use netherite?
cobblestone is cheap. the amount you have to get is nowhere near cheap
you need to compress cobblestone 5 times to get the bedrockium, 6 times if you want the bedrock block.

bedrockium needs 59,049, making the bedrock sword need 118,098 bedrockium

a single bedrock block needs 531,441 cobblestone pieces, which is absurdly expensive without adding other mods.
yup, maybe 9 netherite blocks into one bedrock block
Yea that sounds right
canonically in minecraft thats technically not right though. netherite is supposed to spawn in the nether only, and if thats right, then crafting something that can appear in all dimensions with something that can only appear in only just one, makes it to where it would only make sense if ancient debris spawned excessively near bedrock, and in all dimensions.
I Agree and maybe obsidian for example 5 netherite blocks and 4 obsidian = Bedrock
3 bedrock and 2 blaze rod to make a bedrock pickaxe