Published on December 20, 2019 (Updated on January 13, 2022)

Bee PvP [2-4 Players]

As we all know recently have been added the bees update to minecraft so why not?

Let's create a PvP map for [2-4 Players] with bee blocks, and here you have it!

Just go down and downlad it😉

Now I'm going to show you the pvp area, kits and a final trailer!


It looks to be a little bit sticky...


This map has 4 kits:


Select version for changelog:

  • I have added new kits
  • I updated the world at 1.18.
  • I have fixed all the errors that this has caused me:

Bugs fixed

- Spawn error

- Tp commands blocks error 

- Kit errors


Once you enter to the mcpedl link, you will be redirected to "Linkvertise", a link shortcut that pays the creators who use it. You will see that it is very intuitive, just scroll down until you find a message that says "Free access with ads", click it and simply look at the ads in just 5 seconds!

Thank you so much for the support! : D

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Mao doesn’t even work,
Someone else chooses their kit and my kit vanishes,

I click on a kit and it sends the other guy to the kit place.
bro how you pvp?
is this singleplayer?
Bro this is a multiplayer minigame, and if it tp you the other player is because i used the command @p that means the most near player so what you have to do is take the kit one by one.
U should of called it BeeVP
No, because the map is a player vs playes there are no bee in the map XD
I just putted the name of bee because all the map is maded with bee blcks :D