Published on December 26, 2016 (Updated on December 26, 2016)

Behind Locked Doors [Puzzle]

Fire up those neurons! It's time for eight confusing puzzles which will get your mind working. Most of the challenges include some sort of redstone mechanism which you must use to complete the level. Each level has its own set of rules so make sure to read the signs carefully before moving onto the next level. Creator: AgentCPU0, Twitter Account

How to play?

All of it is explained in the map. The only thing worth taking note of is the fact that you need to make sure to read the signs carefully as they explain each problem in brief detail. Other than that I won't say much seeing as it's a puzzle map and it wouldn't be fun if I gave you some of the answers.

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just checked there is no minecarts in the minecart level?? is this supposed to happen or did it glitch???
Thanks for making it .mcworld download
My brain is ded, Great map ?. But there's a problem in the key card. I was stuck in that puzzle, and then I destroy the block next to the dispenser. You put lapis lazuli inside the hopper xD but there's no lapis lazuli ley card.
I'm going to upload it on my channel, it's called Raytra 007. It's not the greatest content and I can't speak English fluently either but at least I try, Right?

You should do more maps, this map is awesome!
Best map ever you did a very good job
This is amazing like indescribable
How can I get an .Mcworld file for my own map?
You change the zip into a
mcworld NO CAPS
Super cool puzzles! Your redstone work was FABULOUS! Great map! ??
Some very clever redstone. Definitely do more maps like this one. Pocket Edition definitely needs higher quality maps. Two thumbs up