Ben 10 Add-on V2.0 (The Omnitrix Update) (1.14.30+)

Ben 10! The protector of Earth! Is now in Minecraft with this add-on. Benjamin Tennyson is the kid who has destined to have the Omnitrix among his cousin Gwen Tennyson and his grandpa Maxwell Tennyson. Now that Ben got the omnitrix, he is now able to transform into an alien to fight monsters and villains. But Ben can’t save the Minecraft world without the help of Gwen’s magic powers, and Grandpa Max’s combat and weapon skills. Ben’s enemies have also extraordinary powers like Ben and his companions have, but our hero Ben will not let them win and conquer the Minecraft world. So, what are you waiting for, discover now how Ben and his companions use their powers and skills to defeat their powerful enemies in the Minecraft world.

Features of this Add-on:

Benjamin Tennyson: Is the kid who can use the omnitrix to fight its targets. Once you spawn or summon Ben, he doesn’t have the omnitrix yet. You have to place the omnitrix near to him so he will be able to get it and use it to transform.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:ben10
  • Health: 60
  • Can melee attack
  • Melee Attack Damage: 13
  • Attacks monsters
  • Can get the omnitrix once it sees it near to him
  • Drops omnitrix on death if it has omnitrix

How to make Ben with Omnitrix?

For Ben to be able to have the omnitrix, just place it near to him so he will be able to get it and use it for alien transformation. You can find the omnitrix on the spawn eggs section.

Behavior of the omnitrix: Omnitrix is a watch that Ben uses to be able to transform into an alien. The omnitrix has limit like the time on alien transformation and its recharging time.

  • Durability/Health: 30
  • Fire immune
  • Knockback resistance: 100
  • Can be obtained by Ben, Kevin Levin, and Player.
  • Explodes on fatal damage
  • Rises once it is being obtained or taken

Ben with omnitrix: Once Ben got the omnitrix, he can now transform into any alien he wants whenever there is a target. The time that he is on a alien form is 80 seconds. Once the time is over, Ben will return to his normal form, and the omnitrix will recharge for 30 seconds, and it will turn red. He can transform again once his omnitrix is color green or fully recharged.

Ben 10 Aliens:

All Ben 10 aliens has a time of 80 seconds before Ben returns to a human form. Once any of the alien deals too much damage, they will automatically return to a normal Ben.

Wildmutt: Is a dog-like alien who can jump high and has sharp claws for attacking. This alien is blind but has a strong senses.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:wildmutt
  • Health: 90
  • Melee Damage: 16
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Can sit
  • Can jump on targets
  • Leashable
  • Attacks monsters 

Four Arms: Is a four-armed alien who has a greater size, weight and strength.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:four_arms
  • Health: 110
  • Moves slower (because of its weight)
  • Melee Damage: 17-25
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Knockback resistance: 100
  • Attacks monsters
  • Can break blocks

Greymatter: Is a dwarf-size alien. This alien is very weak on attacking but has a greater intelligence and can’t be easily seen by other mobs.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:greymatter
  • Health: 55
  • Scale: 0.3
  • Melee Damage: 4
  • Attacks monsters

XLR8: Is an alien that has a great amount of speed, tailed-alien, and has sharp claws.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:xlr8
  • Health: 90
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Melee Damage: 14
  • Moves faster on water
  • Moves very fast on attack
  • Attacks monsters

Upgrade: Is a liquid-metal alien that has the ability to merge on objects and upgrade it beyond its limits. It can also shoot lasers.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:upgrade
  • Health: 80
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Attacks monsters
  • Can shoot optic laser beams
  • Melee Damage: 14
  • Can merge on RB (Rust Bucket) and upgrade its functions

Diamondhead: Is an alien that has a diamond-made body, and has the ability to shoot diamonds, summond diamond spikes, and diamond melee attacking.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:diamondhead
  • Health: 90
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Melee Damage: 17
  • Attacks monsters
  • Can summon diamond spikes
  • Can shoot diamond bullets

Ripjaws: Is an amphibious alien who can swim faster in water and has sharp teeth and claws used for attacking.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:ripjaws
  • Can swim fast in water
  • Health: 90
  • Melee Damage: 16
  • Attacks monsters

Stinkfly: Is an insect-like mob who flys and shoots stinky liquids to its targets. It has also sharp claws for melee attacks.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:stinkfly
  • Health: 90
  • Can fly
  • Attacks monsters
  • Can shoot stink balls
  • Melee Damage: 15

Ghostfreak: Is a ghost alien who has no collision with solid objects and has the ability to become invisible.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:ghostfreak
  • Health: 80
  • Can float
  • Immune to fire
  • Melee Damage: 15
  • Has a 50% chance of becoming invisible on attacks
  • Attacks monsters

Cannonbolt: Is a shelled alien that has a powerful claws and has the ability to transform to a hard rolling ball.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:cannonbolt
  • Health: 100
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Attacks monsters
  • Melee Damage: 15
  • Can transform into a rolling ball
  • Rolling Attack Damage: 18
  • Breaks blocks on rolling attack

Heatblast: Is a fire/flame alien who can shoot fires on targets.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon ben10:heatblast
  • Health: 90
  • Immune to fire
  • Deals damage on water and rain
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Attacks monsters
  • Melee Damage: 15
  • Can shoot fires on target
  • Can fly

Ben’s Companions:

Gwendolyn Tennyson/Gwen: Is the cousin of Ben. Gwen can do magic attacks like shooting magic balls, floating in the air, and regeneration.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon companion:gwen
  • Health: 60
  • Can regenerate health
  • Doesn’t deals damage on regeneration
  • Attacks monsters
  • Melee Damage: 14
  • Melee Damage Effect: Nausea
  • Can summon magic spikes
  • Can shoot magic balls
  • Can fly in the air

Maxwell Tennyson/Grandpa Max: Is the grandpa of Ben and Gwen. Max has no special powers but has combat skills, and weapon skills, and he is a plumber. There are three kinds of Grandpa Max that randomly appears once spawned. (Normal Max, Max with laser gun, and Max with robotic arm)

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon companion:grandpa_max
  • Attacks monsters

Normal Grandpa Max:

  • Health: 60
  • Melee Damage: 14

Grandpa Max with gun:

  • Health: 60
  • Melee Damage: 16
  • Shoots lasers

Grandpa Max with robotic arm:

  • Moves faster
  • Health: 80
  • Melee Damage: 20
  • Knockback Resistance: 100

RB (Rust Bucket): Is an old rusty vehicle owned by Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max. Its a camping vehicle that has some functionalities for combats. 

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon vehicle:rb
  • Health/Durability: 220
  • Knockback Resistance: 100
  • Immune to fire
  • Mergable/Upgradable by Ben 10 Alien Upgrade
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Explodes on fatal damage
  • Attacks monsters
  • Rideable by players, Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max
  • Can breaks blocks
  • Has inventory. Inventory size is 27
  • Can shoot flames, laser beams, plasmas, and rockets.

Ben’s Enemies:

Charmcaster: Is a sorcerer, and a magic caster. She has similar powers like gwen except that she can summon stone creatures that gwen can’t do.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon enemy:charmcaster
  • Health: 70
  • Melee Damage: 14
  • Melee Effect: Nausea
  • Can regenerate health
  • Doesn’t deals damage on regeneration
  • Attacks players, Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, RB (Rust Bucket), villagers, and iron golems.
  • Can summon stone creatures
  • Can shoot magic balls
  • Can fly in the air

Stone Creature: Is an entity summoned by Charmcaster.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game
  • Summon command: /summon enemy:stone_creature
  • Health: 30
  • Knockback Resistance: 100
  • Melee Damage: 14
  • Attacks players, Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, RB (Rust Bucket), villagers, and iron golems.

Kevin Levin: Has the ability to absorb energy from objects, and to the environment. He can even absorb Ben’s omnitrix.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game.
  • Summon command: /summon enemy:kevin_levin
  • Health: 80
  • Melee Damage: 14
  • Charged Melee Damage: 17-25
  • Can shoot energy blasts while on recharged mode
  • Can absorb Ben’s omnitrix and become Kevin 11 after it
  • Can recharge by absorbing
  • Doesn’t deals damage while recharging energy
  • Knockback resistance becomes greater on charged mode
  • Attacks players, Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, RB (Rust Bucket), villagers, and iron golems.

Kevin 11: Is Kevin Levin who absorbs Ben’s omnitrix and becomes the combination of all of his aliens and powers plus his own power.

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game.
  • Summon command: /summon enemy:kevin11
  • Immune to fire
  • Health: 220
  • Knockback Resistance: 100
  • Moves fast in water
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Melee Damage: 17
  • Can swim
  • Can break blocks
  • Can shoot diamond bullets
  • Can shoot fires
  • Can summon diamond spikes
  • Can jump on targets like wildmutt
  • Can move fast like accelerate
  • Can fly
  • Can shoot stinkfly bullets
  • Attacks players, Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, RB (Rust Bucket), villagers, and iron golems.

Vilgax: Is a squid-like alien who wants to get the omnitrix and conquer planets. 

  • Has own spawn egg
  • Doesn’t replace any entity in the game.
  • Summon command: /summon enemy:vilgax
  • Health: 220
  • Melee Damage: 15
  • Knockback Resistance: 100
  • Can swim
  • Immune to fall damage
  • Has a 30% chance to transform Alien Ben into a normal human by touching his omnitrix
  • Attacks players, Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, RB (Rust Bucket), villagers, and iron golems.
  • Can jump on targets
  • Can break blocks

V2.0 Update

Dont forget to turn on experimental gameplay or else custom items will not work.

How to get the Omnitrix for players?

There are 3 ways to get the Omnitrix for players. You can:

  • Use command /give @s omni:omnitrix
  • Get the Omnitrix spawn egg, place it on the groud, interact on it, and click “Get Omnitrix”.

  • Use this crafting recipe for Omnitrix:

How to use the Omnitrix?

Once you successfully get the Omnitrix. Just tap on any block while wearing the Omnitrix to choose an alien. Then long press the screen to transform on the alien you choose.

Alien icons on the Omnitrix:

Once you are already on an alien mode. You will be able to have the physical appearance and powers of Ben10 aliens.

Player-Alien Transformed


First person view and third person view:

Four Arms

First person view and third person view:


First person view and third person view:


First person view and third person view:


First person view and third person view:


First person view and third person view:


First person view and third person view:


First person view and third person view:


First person view and third person view:


First person view and third person view:


First person view and third person view:

Your Omnitrix time is 200 seconds and your recharging time is 30 seconds the same as the Ben10 entity.

How to use the Omnitrix? (Video):

Note by The Commander Creeper:

If you are going to feature my add-on in YouTube, make sure to give credit to me and don’t claim that the creator of this add-on is you.

For those who are interested to donate money for my Minecraft Maps/Addons, you can donate your money here at my PayPal link:


V1 Trailer:

V2 Trailer:

Changelog View more
  • Omnitrix is now useable for players.
  • Accelerate name is changed to XLR8.
  • Some entities are now glowing in the dark.
  • RB does not break dirt and grass anymore.
  • Ripjaws uses its jaw attack on water.
  • Omnitrix time is now 200 seconds.
  • Increases mob damages and health.
  • Added particles for lasers.
  • Updated Ben 10 transforming animation.
  • Added custom crafting recipe for Omnitrix.
  • The download link/download file for the add-on is now changed.


  1. Click on the download button below.
  2. You will be redirected to adfly site, wait for 5 seconds and then click "SKIP AD".
  3. If it shows "Please press 'Allow' to continue", wait for the block and allow option to show and then click "Allow".
  4. You will be now redirected to the mediafire download link, and you can download the file now.
  5. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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  3. HighKingPanda24 says:

    This is a longshot. But in the next update can we get Wildvine, Ditto, and the big guy?(forgot his name) I so love this! Glad it’s based off the original and not that cheap crap new stuff! THANK YOU!(You should so Make a Teen Titans addon too)

    • jaytrack says:

      the big guy what you said is way big

    • OldSmellyFart says:

      The fuckkkkkkkkkk i matter what i try i cant download it it keeps on bringing me to shirnkray in the website says create ur ow site.THE FFFFFFFFFDDUCK FIX THE GOD DAMN LINK OR PUT MEDIAFIRE LINK ASSHOLE.I EVEN TRIED BOTH LINK BUT WONT WORK.If i could i would rate it half star.

  4. Guest-4844279071 says:

    Can you pwes Fix the Bug on Cannonbolt when you Die, the Texture on your Skin is still there, and your Omnitrix get Remove after that and all of your Powers will be gone, pwes Fix it and Stay Safe!!!! Nice Addon tho and Congrats on your 13k Subscribers!!!!

  5. Shadowfury6 says:

    Make a avatar the last airbender mod that would be really amazing si you get and then do something with it and become a certain bender and mabye make invisible item which are the moves in your inventory

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    So dumb question how do I merge with the rust bucket when I’m upgrade

  7. Guest-9517627591 says:

    can you please add like different colors of the omnitrix like Ben 23, Gwen 10, Albedo and mad ben

  8. The_Oddtist says:

    This addon is amazing!! Can you add waybig and wildvine? Also it would be cool to add the alien force omnitrix. Can you also make a function command or a item that let’s us stay one alien that we like for any amount of time? Like a armour item where if we wear it we are that alien. My friends wanna whole colony of ripjaws xD. Thank you for listening to my suggestion. I hope to hear your reply.

  9. Guest-5883357992 says:

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    This addon is so good and I had so much fun playing around with it. One request I would make is to make it so you can turn back to normal without waiting for the timer to run out, like long pressing again to turn back.

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      Experimental gameplay is jist above the education edition botton on the createworld screen

      Note that it is impossible to make this work without experimental gameplay

      • Guest-7963535177 says:

        Bro, I understand you are trying to help. There’s a free Minecraft called Minecraft edu so that’s why he can’t enable experimental gameplay.

    • Guest-7483737752 says:

      you are rude. just try again more. calm down! >:( >:(

    • Guest-9173185585 says:

      Stupid don’t hate a mod because your on educational edition. I don’t mean to be rude but just buy Minecraft, now if your going to tell me others are no as fortunate as other, you don’t have the right to get mad just because it doesn’t work for you.

  20. The mobs of ben ten dont attack me if attack them but good addon

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    Thank you so much for the effort of making this awesome addon, Also can you not make cannon ball break anything? Like bedrock and barrier.

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    thank you very much for making this mod make me nostalgic

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    No sé parece al de PC
    Por qué es mejor
    Tiene más cosas
    Hasta su propia animación para cada cosa


    Sigue así pe sigue así

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    Can you plz make it so that you can tame Ben, Gwen or Grandpa Max plz

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    In the next update can u add if not all at least one of the following aliens
    Way Big
    Shock Rock

    And can u give 4 arms jump boost

    • Guest-2234408437 says:

      Waybig is a good idea but the other feedback is from omniverse, Shock Rock and Gax are from the reboot and this addon is based off the original series

  28. Matthewthegood1 says:

    yyoo wth hold up, lets talk about how long you make this

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    In the next update is there a way for players to use the omnitrix. The animations are amazing!!!

  90. Guest-2916904856 says:

    I do wish players can use the omnitrix

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