Published on September 25, 2020 (Updated on January 16, 2021)

Best Nether Seed (1.16 Only) [1.0.6]

Hi. In this seed you can find two Nether biomes near you, ruined portal in nether and a bastion remnant. In the Overworld you can find two villages, one ruined portal, one desert temple, diamonds near you and much more.


Make your Nether portal right near the spawn.

  • Spawn:

As shown in the picture MAKE YOUR PORTAL NEAR THE SPAWN.

Near Spawn; a village:

Savannah village:

Desert temple:

Diamond Cave:

You find up to 5 diamonds here

Different types of biomes:

Underwater ruined portal:

In the chest you can find enchanted axe or a hoe or 2 of them.

Nether Spawn:

If u go to the the left and walk side by side you can easily find and bastion remnant.

Ruined Portal In Nether:

This ruin is little far from your nether spawn. All coordinates are given below. See the coordinates.

Bastion remnant:

In the bastion you can find many gold blocks and in the loot chest you can find a lodestone, saddle, crossbow and iron and gold nuggets.


Spawn - 592 63 32

Underwater Ruin Portal - 668 37 343

Savannah village - 173 69 197

Desert temple - 58 65 367

Diamond - 623 15 119

Bastion remnant - 114 67 58

Ruin Portal in nether - 0 93 12

Try my another map here:

Thank You and please rate it


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• Changed "Ocean Portal" to "Underwater Ruin Portal".

• Added diamonds screenshots and it's coordinates.

• Added Ruin Portal In Nether Screenshots and it's coordinates.

• Added some more details in the brief introduction

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Nah bro you just call me it's okay for me and sorry I should say you sorry and make maps I like this I will downloaded
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SpyGuy can I help u to make troll commands
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It's okay and it's nice seed
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You can find diamonds directly in a cave near a house in the spawn village, near the double bed house
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Technically, due to algorithm anomalies, the best nether seeds have the game keep repeating a chunk diagonally. (not the whole chunk just small things like caves, ores, trees, lava lakes, ect.)
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Watch toycat's video "this seed repeats everything" or something like that
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Hey remember me
Nice seed forest,ice,desert, village,ocean,desert temple,Bastion remnant,savana everything
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