Published on December 14, 2021 (Updated on July 28, 2022)

Dolphin Trainer Multi Package 5 Addons [Updated]

Hi I'm DolphinMasterMB, I really enjoy practicing my programming skills on Minecraft! I'm the creator of the Dolphin Trainer Addon! I wanna share my concepts and development progress with others to show people how cool and fun programming addons can be! I wanna encourage you as addon tester, to come up with interesting suggestions for future addon improvements and I like to be inspired to make even more cool stuff! On this page, I will share some experimental concepts of my addon! Enjoy messing with some Advanced Minecraft Dolphin AI! 

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In this Update I added the Amazing new 5 Addon Package including the newest versions of both addons to enjoy!

You can still download the older version, if you prefer to play with older features like Pixelfin!

I strongly recommend using the newer version!


Made some interactions much easier!

Dolphins have a blink animation!

Dolphins can now search for fish and maybe treasures at the ocean floor!

Added a new 1.19 dolphin type with new behaviors similar to the Allay!

I made dolphins even smarter and more playfu!

I increased the dolphin population a bit!

Dolphins now have more social and playful interactions!

Dolphins now have more animated interactions with their environment!

Made the dolphin movement more dynamic!

Dolphins can find actual treasures now, those are pretty rare though!


This might be the smartest most advanced dolphin AI on the internet!


Also did a lot of bug fixes!


Cheers! ; )



  • NEW_DolphinTrainer_MultiPackage_5Addons_by_DolphinMasterMB.mcaddon (3.41 MB)
  • Older Version with Pixelfin! (382.11 KB)

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Thank you very much! There will be a very cool beta update soon! Cheers! ; )