Published on September 14, 2021 (Updated on September 23, 2021)

Better Bed

English: This material changes the model of the bed, so that it has more details than the original bed. The model comes from 3D default, and I just transplanted it to the bedrock version.

Chinese: 本材质改变了床的模型,使之与原版的床相比有更多细节,模型来自 3D Default,我只是移植到基岩版而已

English: Now the bed is like this.

Chinese: 现在床是这样的

English: This is an in-game effect.

Chinese: 这是游戏内的效果

English: Like 3D Default, it supports all materials!

Chinese: 它和3D Default一样,支持所有材质!


English: But the original material is the best match.

Chinese: 但还是原版材质与之最为相配!

English: This resource pack will be displayed as long as it is installed.

Chinese: 只要安装此资源包就会显示

English: If it doesn't appear after installation, please cover the resource package on the top or check whether there is any error in the resource package.

Chinese: 如果安装后并没有显示,请将此资源包覆盖在最上或检查资源包是否有错误

3D Default mcbbs链接:

3D Default Github链接:


3D Default Github interlinkage:

All English is machine translation, please forgive me if there is any mistake.

Select version for changelog:



Added mediafire link and changed a better cover.

如果你要把本资源包进行整合,请附上我的mcpedl链接  :D

If you want to integrate this resource package, please attach my mcpedl link.  :D


  1. 下载该材质
  2. 选择此文件(mcpack),用Minecraft打开
  3. 在游戏中,设置-全局资源,激活它
  4. 完成啦!


  1. Download this
  2. Select this file (mcpack) and open it with Minecraft.
  3. In the game, set-global resource and activate it.
  4. enjoy :)



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Can I use this in my Mash-Up Pack? I'm giving credit and MCPEDL won't let me use it until I get your permission, if you want me to remove it I will :D

我可以在我的 Mash-Up Pack 中使用它吗?我给予信任,MCPEDL 不会让我使用它,直到我得到你的许可,如果你想让我删除它,我会:D

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is it possible when I install other textures, for example faithful, if it can be very sure Must be cool
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