Published on January 21, 2022 (Updated on January 24, 2022)

EVEN Better Build Tools (Now with ROADS and VILLAGE BUILDINGS)

EVEN BETTER BUILD TOOLS!!! (Now with Roads and Village Structures)

This is the latest update to the addon.  Added a road brush and a village structure stamp.

Also fixed an issue with the names of items and added a better way of closing out the tools.

This addon is a revamped version of a previous addon called Build Tools.  As the name indicates, this is the new and improved Better Build Tools.  Features include an updated UI and UX making for quick and easy transitions between tools, settings, and activating the brushes.

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  • Fixed the missing lang file so you can now see names of items.
  • Added a  function and item that triggers function to exit building mode.
  • Added Roads Brush
  • Added Building Stamp



  • Better_Build_Tools.mcaddon (449.65 KB)
  • Better_Build_Tools.mcaddon (348.37 KB)

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dos not even work for me
Uhh.. i can't see any changes when i try to use it on blocks
Well then you're not using it correctly.
Watch the video. It shows you and tells you how to work it.