Published on September 13, 2021 (Updated on August 21, 2022)

Better Chest Loot Add-on

Have you ever stopped to think that the items in all the chests found in the game are few?  This issue will be resolved in this addon.  All the chests you will find in the game will have double, triple or op your items.

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- Link redirection has changed due to issues downloading and splitting links for accounts other than linkvertise.

- Added new minecraft v1.19 chests in op and triplicade versions;

- Added the double version chests and modified them all to be balanced;

- First the double chest was changed to improve the loot because it was a little OP, now it is more balanced for the addon proposal;

- Changed practically all versions this time.


Installation Guides

Seem's that version is not updated on change. That make management of this mod more difficult.
hello, Yes it works in the current version.
Good complement, it is very useful when you need resources.
It WAS a cool cheat mod but no longer works on 1.18
We will soon update to the new version
Perfect, I hate having to carry a huge map in my world to get a good amount of loot in the dungeons, with this addon my problems are over :)
Nice take on chest loot. Great for recreational speedruning
Al fin recompensan mis ganas de aventura con buenos botines