Published on July 01, 2020 (Updated on July 28, 2020)

Better Flowers (Nether Update!)

Have you ever thought that the flowers in Minecraft needed a bit of improving? Did you ever feel that their should be more? Well this texture pack can help you with that! It makes most of the flowers and mushrooms have more in each block, so its more useful for building! It also adds flowers that resemble the double tall flowers!

This is a picture of all of the changed flowers:

Here are a few pictures of the flowers in paths:

If you are wondering about the fences in this they are from my other texture pack Log Fences!

All textures are made by me. If showcasing or used in any projects be sure to leave a link. Please use link for this mcpedl page, do not use your own link.

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1 Changed Download

2 Changed Mushrooms

3 Changed Fungi

4 Changed Wither Rose

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4.6 / 5 (5 votes)
Does the pack include the yellow birch leaves?
in my opinion this is the best texture .. simple more makes all the difference
Ok so I have decided to give this pack an update.
My man just straight up stole the flowers from better foliage mod for java. Good job
I can assure you I made them myself, in fact when I looked at the better foliage mod it didn't even change the flowers according to curseforge.
Sorry MCPEDL logged me out that was me.
Lmao, I'm hoping ur joking just look at ur better foliage pack, a lot of people have been u know accusing you of stealing, which probably is not true.
I like it
could you make this for 1.12 plz
Can you authorize me to reprint the texture to the Minecraft China.What I need is business authorization.
I mean as long as their is a bit of credit im fine with that.
Thank u for the direct download ?
I actually had this idea with my pack before I scrapped it, they look nice but it looks worse in the flower pot. Still nice textures. Well done!
Thank You. I just checked them in the flower pots and they don't look like what I thought they would but they still look ok.