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Published on April 19, 2021 (Updated on April 19, 2021)

Better Gold and Chiseled Deepslate Textures

Don't you like the new gold ore textures from the "Caves and Cliffss update"? I fixed some details on the gold ore, also slightly changed the chiseled deepslate block texture.

What changes my pack?: First, the texture of the gold ore from 1.17, also a deepslate option. I just removed a few extra pixels that made the ore a bit "angular" and "sharp". Now it looks softer and now it is not so sharp.

Second, it changes the texture of the chiseled deepslate. When it was introduced into the game, I thought-"why do all the carved blocks depict some kind of monster or part of it, for example-on the blackstone piglin's nickel, and on the hell brick the face of a skeleton" I drew on the carved deepslate the face of the new upcoming mob-Warden, because deepslate is a stone from the new biome-the dark depths in which Warden lives.

The texture packs turned out to be quite small.

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Added more screenshots for a more detailed description of the pack textures

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ppl who say "why the fuck is a goat monster on that chiseled deepslate brick? have not heard of warden bc they didnt hear about 1.17 lmaoooo it good doe, hope it work in the fucked up mc updates like 1.16.210
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but it alr 1.16.220
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