Published on May 10, 2021 (Updated on April 07, 2022)

Better Guns Addon - Bedrock 1.18 + [Realms Support]

Want to use guns with other addons? Want to craft them in Survival? Better guns lets you do just that! With Multiplayer and Multi-Addon support, and now in 1.17.40+ Better Guns are even better than before!! 

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Better Guns V1.2.5

Block Head update:

Added the crafting blocks to the creative menu!

Recipes will now show in survival!

Fixed Bullet fire location


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I understand that the blocks will replace each other but they can be used interchangeably, e.g. the tinkers part builder can make gun parts and the Better Guns Part Builder can make tinkers parts
Totally fun and realistic. Hopefully you will add RPGs and flamethrowers and all that stuff (plue holding animations.) Keep up the good work! This is the only addon that does not glitch my map. Thx so much!
Can you update it to version 1.20?
I like this is a simple guns mod i like this
its very cool but make the hand holding gun pls so its make better
i love ur mod! make more gun please! ^^
Hey, great mod. I freaking love this. It's nice and balanced, it doesn't make swords, bows, and crossbows irrelevant. Love it. Just 3 suggestions. As you've probably already heard in the comments, people want more weapons, rocket launcher and/or flamethrower. I think the launcher is all that is needed. Flamethrower would probably be annoying to make. But I found out that those weapons are bows some what and in survival, they can be enchanted. But when you reload, it deletes the enchantments. I would like a patch on that, beside infinity. don't make infinity work. that would just ruin the guns late game. But yes I would like some animations too. I think just the aiming bow animation is all you need, just add that when you hold any gun. Other than the, it's great and balanced. Also other survival players, two SMG shots will make a creeper one shot to a skeleton, perfect for record farming.
I love this mod very fun to play with great models for skins still works well in 1.19.51 though I have a suggestion or two you should add they are, customization like skin color like blue red and stuff or maybe attachments like scopes or maybe silencers or something like that, my next suggestion is to make the reloading thing have a cool down because for guns like the ar and smp they just have a rapid fire where if you just crouch and put the ammo I. Your off hand and crotch and shoot it doesn’t end. Thank you for ready but I love the addon
Pls make more guns :)
Good addon keep it up!
How can i get the guns in creative mode?
Pls make a holding animation for this, plssssss
guns suggestions:
Sniper Rifle
that's it pls add this gun
the shot guns deos not work pls fix
i ried to download, but it is making me open a page that is broken and i cannot download the free mod pack. can you maybe use a different downloading method than linkvertise??