Published on May 10, 2021 (Updated on April 07, 2022)

Better Guns Addon - Bedrock 1.18 + [Realms Support]

Want to use guns with other addons? Want to craft them in Survival? Better guns lets you do just that! With Multiplayer and Multi-Addon support, and now in 1.17.40+ Better Guns are even better than before!! 

Better Guns adds 5 types of guns that can be used with almost any other addon, without issues!

The Rifle:


The Shotgun:


The Pistol:


The AR:


The SMG:


To get started you will need to craft a part builder!



To create the guns you will need to make a gun forge!



Gun parts can be crafted in the Part Builder!



Short Barrel:


Long Barrel:




Sniper Stock:

Exploding Grenade:


You can shoot with a right click and to reload just hold your ammo in your off hand and shift-right-click while empty! It is the same on mobile, have ammo in your offhand then long press with gun in your mainhand!

The recipe for ammunition can be found in your crafting book and crafted in a normal crafting table!



You are allowed to used The Better Guns Addon in addon packs if credit is given to SyKo!
You are not allowed to repost The Better Guns Addon to MCPEDL or another hosting site!
You are not allowed to duplicate or modify The Better Guns Addon!

Select version for changelog:


Better Guns V1.2.5

Block Head update:

Added the crafting blocks to the creative menu!

Recipes will now show in survival!

Fixed Bullet fire location


Install by opening Better Guns MCADDON file and adding it in the behavior pack settings of your world!

Make sure to enable all of the developer features!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.16 / 5 (76 votes)
Pinned comment
I understand that the blocks will replace each other but they can be used interchangeably, e.g. the tinkers part builder can make gun parts and the Better Guns Part Builder can make tinkers parts
Can you update it? my Minecraft is 1.18.33
The weapons look great, but I would like it to have third person animations
Make it available to 1.17.32 on bedrock plz
Its working on other addons too this is great addon but can you please fix the bullets? Why isn't going straight its falling a little bit thats make aim a little hard please fix this
Great addon it working with other addons too . But why bullets isn't going straight that makes the aim hard so please fix this
please add more guns!
But i noticed that reload doesn't work for me. Am I making some mistake? I did keep the ammo on the off hand and tried to interact, it wouldn't reload
you need to crouch then long press to reload while holding the ammo offhand.
Minecraftfrom2012 April 12, 2022 at 5:19 am
Absolutely perfect brother.
The only other reason why I'll be rating this with four stars instead of five is because there isn't a sniper, launchers or a light-machine gun here but other than those tiny flaws, I should state the fact that this is simply one of, if not, the best gun add-on that Minecraft: Bedrock
Edition could offer at their player's hands.
Worst Mod
I was trying to install this mod for my Zombie Apocalypse world and the guns weren't there. I checked in creative and I didn't find anything. The craft recipes for the part builder and gun forge worked. But it turned into a dirt block.
Wrath the Void Wolf March 11, 2022 at 6:19 am
having 1.18 means the block skins do not load. and it is a mandatory update to play the game. did download, would download if you can update it soon.
Really good works great without lag, the guns are simple but nice. Animations a rocket launcher a few armors would make a great addition imo. Also a few soldier-like mobs/npcs that carry those guns would add a lot of fun
how are bullets made or found
Please update this mod 😭😭😭