Published on August 11, 2022 (Updated on August 10, 2022)

Better Netherite

If the netherite does not burn when touching the lava, why do we burn ourselves? This simple addon makes having the complete set of netherite armor have resistance to fire and thus we do not burn more with this armor.

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Over all this Addon is very handy to use but it would be more preferred to have it “damage” within 5-10 minute inside the lava adding more “realistic” use of being able to go inside lava. Having used this in my realm I have seen alot of players go afk inside lava and using this feature to make a machine/glitch to deny any entities spawning.

Having said so. The damage could be about 100-178 Dmg per 5-10 minutes(random at these intervals) in another Addon more used for realms. You can still keep the original idea but would prefer this function in a different file for realms if other users want to use it.
Or I hadn't thought of it that way, I'll see how to fix it thanks
You’re welcome :)
its because the lava is getting inside the armor which is burning you and its also becoming very hot