Better Parkour!

Better parkour is an addon designed to add some new special blocks to parkour, such as timer start/stop, checkpoint block, kill block, etc. Does not require experimental gameplay. This is designed so if you want to make a parkour map, you can just apply this behavior pack and not have to worry about creating a timer system, checkpoint system, kill system, teleport system, and more!

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Update 1.0.2

Improved timer system: (This is what r4isen1920 added,

  • It now displays accurate real life time as an actionbar
  • Reaching checkpoints and completing courses will display a timestamp in chat when applicable
  • Timer resets automatically when you die, if it was enabled for the player, through the death block (Red Concrete)

Updated functions:

  • /function start and /function timer has now been combined into one function command called /function guide
  • Updated some texts and description
  • Changed what the function would give to the player to get started

Tweaked ability blocks:

  • Added sounds for teleport blocks (Diamond Blocks)
  • Added particle effects and sounds for multiplayer mode blocks (Lime & Red Concrete Powder)
  • Added sounds for checkpoint blocks (Gold Blocks)

Other stuff

New Level Title Block (This is what I added)

  • When you walk on a netherite block, you see a title that says: You reached (whatever you want it to say)
  • You can add a title by naming an armor stand underneath it



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Pinned comment
Didn't work for me
the new update is good but can the block be something else that isn't only on 1.16? this won't change the 5 stars i had due to this being a amazing add on, thanks!
also i'm talking about the netherite block
Wait, for me, whenever I download v2 of the pack it shows as v1. Is there anything I'm missing or not doing? (Sorry I'm new to packs when it comes to new versions ;-;)
(sorry for the late response)
I'm not quite sure what could be happening. What device are you on?
Oh um Windows 10 but the v1 was good, it's just v2. When I download v2 it deletes v1 and adds in a new v1. Whenever I go into a game with it it is the same as v1. Sorry if this explanation is bad it is pretty weird to explain.
That may just be due to a glitch in the name, does the new v1 pack have any of the new features (Conveyer belt blocks, maybe try to see if iron block gives you slowness)?
Try deleting the old packs:
Then install the new one again.
Ok I'll try it sorry I don't get notification so responses.
Great, and simple concept! Would like to make an iteration to this add-on, if you're interested please reply with your Twitter username so I can DM you what I've done.
[email protected] is my email. On twitter, I am @HorizonStudios6. Looking forward to seeing what you've got to say!
Sent an email to you. Please check it!
Cool map but needs improvements
Well... its not a map. Are you a bot?
this is good very good
This addon is really good! I am making a parkour map for fun and these elements or really good. I'm not publishing the map but anyways, I would like to see more blocks to add to this mod. Maybe a conveyer block (moves you in a direction) or a slowing block perhaps? Also it says it was published on April 3rd but it is April 2nd I know it is 'cause different time zones but I just want to point that out.
A conveyer block sounds like a really cool idea. I'm already working on an update (should be out in like a week) and I will see if I can add that!
Well I could help you in that simply with commands.
Conveyer block is done. Expect to see it in the next update!
Thanks for adding it and other blocks! I am happy about the new blocks and I hope more people see this addon.