Better Skyblock v1.6 (The 1.19 Update!)

Welcome to the most challenging Skyblock map you'll experience. You start off on an island with only a chest, grass block and a bedrock block. However, in this map an addon called "Better Skyblock" made by DanRobzProbz is used. With this addon it is possible to craft anything from grass, to even spawn eggs to help you progress through this challenging experience. There are also crates (machines) such as sieves, etc to help you out!

And yes, this map is perfectly multiplayer friendly ~ there are multiple islands, which is perfect for co-op gameplay!

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Better Skyblock v1.6 Update

+ Updated Map for MC Version 1.19 

+ All recipes, and most bugs are now fixed

+ Lucky Cookies have also been fixed!



Supported Minecraft versions

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man please give a link for another version of minecraft because it would be great if there are old version minecraft players
Umm I'm using my windows computer and it handles everything else but when I enter this map it has a crash everytime I enter
Is the map compatible with your MCBE Advancements Mod?
Why can't I see the crafting recipes? It only shows the custom ones but not the one in the addon. Even if I try to guess, it doesn't craft it! Is there a way to fix this?

I'm on 1.18 btw
Cant craft wooden barrel fabricator crate
Cant craft wooden seive
i cant see the crafting recipes
When I downloaded the map and imported it, I open this map and enter the island and break a block of grass, I am not refused blocks I play on my phone. I am asking for help.
Guys! I've made a mistake about a command. Turns out a kill command is unreliable, that's because it prevents any drops.

Remove despawn and spaces in one line, then it'll work as intended. I use Notepad on my laptop.
Hey DBZfan13, i'm not sure what you men by "Remove despawn and spaces in one line"

The cookies arent working for me, could you maybe help me out? I'm on bedrock edition
Hi, I downloaded the map, but there are no new items in the cookbook, can you tell me why?
When I fiddle with a behavior pack, turns out a lucky cookie summon a loot entity that despawns.

Entities drop loot when killed, not despawn. I added a kill command for loot entities.

/execute @e[type=loot_entity] ~ ~ ~ kill @s

That's how the to get lucky cookies working.
Yeah i used to play this alot, but now it feels so empty and repetitive that i got bored of the 3rd quest and i was expecting it to have the recipes popup now and the barrels machines etc. Are not entities now, i think in my opinion its better to make a new beginning than making a old modpack or addonpack version compatible through version
idk if its just me but the lucky cookies dont wor they just let out fire particles and drop me no items
Just Here Finding Stuff :3 September 10, 2021 at 9:23 pm
you don't get the starter kit as many people have said but even if you try to give yourself the starter kit (by simply running the command /give @s (item ID) and when you still try to turn the signs into bonemeal from the "starter kit" it just clears your inv and says you completed the tutorial multiple times so its unable to be played and that's my reasoning for why I rated it a 1 star.
crustycookie 334 yt May 18, 2021 at 3:11 pm
did not spawn with starter items in latest update and was not aloud break blocks i enabled break blocks but still didnt break prob a bug but keep up the good work
My mobile it's a TNT now