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Published on April 25, 2021 (Updated on April 30, 2021)

Better Survival by MrGreenGames -Structure Update- +Fixes

This is my biggest project ever guys! There are over 100 new crafting and furnace recipes, new mob drops, tame-able foxes and ocelots, ride-able pandas, new wandering trader and villager trades, custom structures, increased ore generation and so much more, this pack has something for everyone!

New Crafting Recipes

If the picture does not say crafting at the top of the UI then this means it is "shapeless" and can be crafted without the use of a crafting table.

5 Stone = 4 Coal = 10 Blackstone

4 Ender Pearls + 4 End Stone + Allium = Chorus Flower

4 Sand + 4 Dirt + Gravel = 8 Clay Blocks

9 Flint = 9 Gravel

8 Golden Nuggets + Blackstone = Gilded Blackstone

Nether Wart Block = 3 Nether Wart

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Feathers = 2 Chicken Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Honeycomb = 2 Bee Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Leather = 2 Cow Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Raw Porkchop = 2 Pig Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Raw Mutton = 2 Sheep Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Bones = 2 Wolf Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Blue Ice = 2 Polar Bear Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Tropical Fish = 2 Ocelot Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Raw Cod = 2 Cat Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Suspicious Stew = 2 Mooshroom Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Cookies = 2 Parrot Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Raw Rabbit = 2 Rabbit Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Hay Bale = 2 Llama Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Apples = 2 Horse Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Golden Carrots = 2 Donkey Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Dried Kelp Block = 2 Dolphin Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Sea Pickles = 2 Sea Turtle Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Bamboo = 2 Panda Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Sweet Berries = 2 Fox Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Ink Sac = 2 Squid Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Magma Blocks = 2 Strider Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Gold Ingot = 2 Piglin Spawn Eggs

3 diamonds + 2 Eggs + 4 Emeralds = 2 Villager Spawn Eggs

4 Crying Obsidian + 4 End Stone + Dragon Head = Dragon Egg

Elytra is expensive to craft, but it can be earned by looting end cities (not restricted to end ships anymore). Killing the Ender Dragon also will drop 1-2 Elytra and 2-6 Shulker Shells, this can be repeated.

8 Gold Blocks + Apple = Enchanted Apple

4 Sealanterns + 4 Diamonds + Ender Pearl = Heart Of The Sea

Blaze Powder + 4 Glass + 4 Sticks = 8 Light Blocks (Level 15)

4 Paper + 3 String + 2 Ink Sac = Name Tag

4 Gold Blocks + 3 Diamonds + 2 Obsidian = Netherite Ingot

4 Gold Blocks + 3 Emerald + Golden Helmet + Diamond = Totem of Undying (These can now be found in some of the altered chests listed below)

5 Quartz + Diamond Shovel = Trident

8 Lapis + Glass Bottle = Bottle O' Enchanting

3 Honeycomb + 3 Logs + Honey Bottle = Bee Nest

2 Blaze Powder + Stick = Blaze Rod

Carrot = Orange Dye (Shapeless)

PurPur Block can be brewed in the Brewing Stand with water and Blaze Powder to make Dragon's Breath

2 Iron Ingot + Chest = Hopper 

4 End Stone + 4 Ender Pearls + Dragon Head = 9 End Portal Frame (Can not be removed in survival same as bedrock be careful)

4 End Stone + 4 Ender Pearls + Diamond = End Gateway (Can not be removed in survival same as bedrock be careful, does not transport you to the end from the overworld. Mainly useful for cool looking decoration.)

Obsidian + 8 Redstone = Glowing Obsidian

8 Obsidian + Flint and Steel = Portal Block

8 Magma Blocks + Empty Bucket = Lava Bucket

All Logs and Stems can now be crafted into paper 1 Log = 8 Paper

Repair Anvil with 1 or 2 Iron Ingot (Shapeless)

Lead + Leather Chestplate + Leather Boots = Saddle

7 Diamonds = Diamond Horse Armor

7 Gold Ingots = Golden Horse Armor

7 Iron Ingots = Iron Horse Armor

Chest + 2 Shulker Shells = Shulker Box (Shapeless)

8 String + Spider Eye = Web

1 Poppy + 8 Coal = Wither Rose

1 Wool = 4 String

5 Obsidian + 4 Ender Pearl = 4 Shulker Shell

Blast Furnace/Furnace

All the items can be cooked in either a furnace or a blast furnace, some may have the ability to cook in the smoker just give it a try, sorry there is so much stuff guys I get mixed up.

All Concrete powder can be cooked into the same color of concrete.

Cook all Stone Gear into Blackstone

Cook Iron Horse Armor For Iron Ingot

Cook Golden Horse Armor For Gold Ingot

Cook all Leather Gear into Leather

Cook all Netherite Gear into Netherite Ingot

Cook all Diamond Gear into Diamond

Coal into Ink Sac

Crying Obsidian into Obsidian, Obsidian into Crying Obsidian

Flint into Gunpowder

Grass to Mycelium, Mycelium to Podzol, Podzol to Grass

Poisonous Potato into Emerald

Pumpkin into Pumpkin Pie

Sugar into Sugar Cane

Suspicious Stew into Golden Apple

Cook Nether Star for Netherite Ingot

Rotten Flesh can be cooked into Leather in anything.

Turtle Helmets will now prevent Enderman attacks in the same way the Carved Pumpkin does. The enderman now will have a chance to drop End Rods when killed. Ender pearl drops are not affected so don't worry.

The wandering trader is amazing guys! You will now look forward to his visits. I have given him a boss bar so you will always know when he is around(within 20 blocks). He offers so many amazing trades guys i honestly couldn't put it into pictures. Every wandering trader will be different as the trades rotate. He also has a max trade of 64 on each item now increased from 8.

The farmer villager has been altered to where all farmer villagers will have the same trades and will trade for 128 times before locking trades. All trades are the same as vanilla but this will allow you to have one farmer villager and sell all crops to him.

I made the spiders a more appropriate size. They will be slightly more challenging to hit now, they will also now drop webs upon death instead of string.

Creepers have been banished to the deserts. You will find plenty of them here at night but no where else in the world.

Wolfs and cats can now be bred together! Giving a wolf a piece of raw meat and a cat a piece of raw fish will start the breeding process. The offspring should be an ocelot, I say should because I have had this fail for me and I do not know why.

Ocelots and foxes are tame-able. Foxes with sweet berries, ocelots with raw cod or salmon.

Pandas are now tame-able and ride-able, use bamboo to tame. No saddle required, the panda also has an inventory to hold your items. WARNING do not put bamboo in the panda inventory, this will cause all the items to fall out as the panda will want to eat the bamboo.

Sliverfish can now be used as an iron farm, as they now have a chance to drop iron ore. Killing the Siverfish with fire aspect or another means of burning to death will cook the ore into ingots!

Turtles can now drop Scute (Sorry Turtles)

Shulkers have a chance to drop chests now!

Zombies can now spawn with diamond tools on occasion, they also have the chance to drop iron and gold nuggets, with a very small chance to drop their head. Killing the zombie with fire aspect or another means of burning to death will cook the rotten flesh into leather! Rotten Flesh can be cooked into leather in all furnaces, the smoker, and campfires.

The Panda Floats!

Piglins are now tame-able, use gold blocks to tame. Cooked porkchop will heal them if they are damaged. Piglins will no longer turn into Zombie Pigmen in the overworld, this means you can tame a Piglin and bring him home to trade with him in your house!

Magma Cubes now can drop both Magma Cream and Magma Blocks! The smallest variant of the Magma Cube will no longer deal damage, however knockback is still an issue.

Food With New Effects!

Including Spider Eye, Chorus Fruit, Beetroot Stew, Rabbit Stew, Mushroom Stew, Dried Kelp, Cookies, Golden Carrot, Golden apple.

Looting 3 Bow is now obtainable in End Cities, along with Enchanted Elytra, Enchanted horse armor, Enchanted books, Golden carrots, Enchanted apples, Totems. Increased Iron, Gold, Diamonds, Emeralds, and more.


The Wither can now drop multiple nether stars(up to 3) as well as wither roses(up to 16) upon death with a very small chance of dropping a wither skeleton skull!

Stackable Items





Enchanted Books

Ender Pearls

Honey Bottle

All Potions (Warning may result in loss of potions in brewing stand, do not try to brew a stack of potions)


Soups and Stews



Totem of undying (Warning do not hold more than one on death or all will be consumed)


Fishing has been altered slightly to add a few additional items, I'll keep these items a surprise as i have tested it extensively and there should be no issues. 

Altered Chests

 I have altered the loot tables on several chests you can find in the world including,


Buried Treasure

Desert Temple

End City Treasure 

Bonus Spawn Chest

Woodland Mansion

If You Enable "Creation Of Custom Biomes"

There are a few extra features that are available if you enable this option. 

*Diamond, Gold and Iron Ore generations have been increased so mining will be easier.

*Custom Structures will spawn in the world.

Custom Structures

Several structures came from YouTube tutorials and I am very grateful that people make these tutorials as I am not the best builder.

(Fairly rare so keep looking if you don't find them at first.)

The Enchanter House

Spawns in Plains Biomes.

This is home to "The Enchanter" (HP 100) he offers over 30 custom trades, go find him to see what all he offers! Opening the trapped chest inside the house will summon him.

Abandoned Tower

Spawns in Forests.

This is an abandoned tower, be warned Zombie Steve has claimed this as his own and you will have to battle him for ownership.

The Skyblock

Spawns over oceans high in the air.

This is one of the rarest structures you will find, this sky island will provide a free set of Elytra in the overworld. These spawn typically above Y200.

Prismarine Raft

Spawns in oceans on the surface.

Now you will have a guaranteed source of Heart of the Seas' if you can find one of these along with other treasures, be warned that there will be MANY Guardians spawning here. Thank you to "GreenBirdy" for building this one.

Witch Hut Upgraded

Spawns in, you guessed it, SWAMPS.

Finally offering overworld access to Nether Wart, this is a newly redesigned witch hut that will offer a few potion items as well as a witch spawner for more accessible witch farming.

Jungle Treehouse

Spawns in Jungles

You will find these in jungles, I plan to add a villager to them similar to the enchanter but time did not allow for it this update.

The Nether Idol

Can spawn anywhere in the overworld.

This will be the rarest structure and you should consider yourself lucky if you find this one, he will offer ancient debris and nether wart.(Please let me know if these are appearing too often)

More structures coming I have a lot of fine tuning before I want to release them to you guys though, I really want to make sure they generate well.


This was a massive project guys and I will have many updates coming in the future to make it bigger and better, I'm really going to need help from you guys though to ensure it all works properly as intended.

If you have any suggestions about this addon please leave a comment below as I would love to hear!


You may share this addon with anyone for any non-profit purposes, all that I ask is that if you share this addon that I am given credit as the creator.


If you would like to help fund map creation you can donate to me at - 

all donations are deeply appreciated!

Check out my YouTube guys! I do command block tutorials and let's plays!

Follow on Twitter @ Mr_Green_Games for updates about maps and future content ideas.

Select version for changelog:


*Leather armor not crafting.
*Enderman attacking when wearing a Turtle Helmet
*Netherite Ingots not craft-able with original recipe

*Diamond, Iron, and Gold Horse Armor Recipe
*Cook Iron Horse Armor for Iron Ingot
*Cook Gold Horse Armor for Gold Ingot
*Looting 3 Bow in End City Chests (fairly common)
*Chance for Enderman to drop End Rods (still drops Ender Pearls)
*Enchanted Horse Armor in End City Chests (less common)
*Portal Block Recipe
*Description and picture for Nether Star Furnace recipe
*Smaller Spiders, and replaced string drop for webs.
*Can now tame Piglins with gold block (50% success rate, no breeding for now). Piglins will no longer turn to zombie Pigmen in the overworld. This will allow for Piglin trading in the overworld easily. Injured Piglins can now be healed with cooked porkchop.
*New Structures (Tower, Swamp hut, Nether idol, Prismarine raft, Skyblock, Treehouse)

*Rebalanced End City Loot
*Reduced Ore generation to be more reasonable.
*Rotten Flesh effect from hunger for 30 sec to nausea for 10 sec


Click the download, once downloaded open Minecraft and add the behavior pack to any world you like. If you wish to have the Extra Ore feature and Custom Structures make sure to enable "Creation of Custom Biomes" . The behavior pack will work fine without this setting if you do not wish to add these features.

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I have an update planned for Friday 4-30-21. Update will include as of now,

*Leather armor not crafting.
*Enderman attacking when wearing a Turtle Helmet
*Netherite Ingots not craft able with original recipe

*Diamond, Iron, and Gold Horse Armor Recipe
*Cook Iron Horse Armor for Iron Ingot
*Cook Gold Horse Armor for Gold Ingot
*Looting 3 Bow in End City Chests (fairly common)
*Chance for Enderman to drop End Rods (still drops Ender Pearls)
*Enchanted Horse Armor in End City Chests (less common)
*Portal Block Recipe
*Description and picture for Nether Star Furnace recipe

*Rebalanced End City Loot

If you think of anything not on this list please leave a comment on this post. Thanks guys! Happy building!
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Minecraft Legendjsjksksksk June 16, 2021 at 11:02 am
Can you make it for 1.17 pls
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Iron does not appear in my world and in other worlds when I put this complement but the rest is great
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this is great but can you increase the difficulty? Finding Ores are so easy, some items are ridiculously op I LOVE the stacking items but op Items kinda ruins the game IMO. I would be really happy if you could make another pack without the OP stuff, take care
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You probably didnt realize, but paper and wood planks share the same recipe, which causes issues.. Cuz i try to make wood planks, but minecraft (after 2 crafts) switches to paper cuz of the recipe, just a little feedback (also, im very very late to make this comment, its been a thing since i could actually use it, so sorry if nobody mentioned it and i did just now), over all, no other bugs i have ran into, so, it will save you the hassle.. Keep up your amazing work (also, pls give me a tip to submitting, i tried to submit, mcpedl just kept denying it for "not enough pictures for detail on the features" or something like that, i do have 2 failed blocks, called: rainbow ore and magma ore, i did make them, but minecraft didnt put them in, so pls give me a few tips, its so i can submit, cuz until then, i have 0 submissions)
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this is amazing and the structures are well made and i love them
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Im currectly trying to use this but for some reason it seems i cant, is there any reason or way i fix this
I would really like to too use this addon
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Bạn có thể chia file thành 2 phần Beh và Res được không ?
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Không có gói tài nguyên nào được bao gồm, chỉ có hành vi.
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I love this mod and i wanna make suggestions ( tameable cow,hoglin,pig,sheep,fish,baby slime+magma cube,rabbit phantom?,enderman?) and llams you are able to use a saddle on.
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I really enjoyed this mod but I'm stuck with the version where diamond tools are not craftable. Even if I downloaded this new update it still get stuck in that version in the end. Is there any I'm supposed to do that I did not do??
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Nvm I fixed it bruh
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Glad to hear! With every update to the pack you will need to delete the old version as I assume you discovered. Enjoy!
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Wait is it still for 1.16 versions and not for beta right?
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I made this on 1.16.221 which is a version that I can not list in the description because it is not available on the options. I'm sorry if this is confusing but I did not change the version from last update to this one.
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It does work in beta versions, you are lucky a beta tester (me) downloaded this, so any beta testers can use it
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percyjacksonminecraft2213 April 30, 2021 at 7:03 pm
;,( it didnt work for me
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Are you on the 1.17 beta versions
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Isn't that Ikorbons tree house?
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I am not sure who did it exactly. I will be giving proper credit for the tutorials I used next update. There was just too much to put in this week, I mentioned above in the post that I used tutorials for a few of the structures. I do not claim credit for these structure designs.
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Dude, I love the complement except for the mineral generation, it can't even be described as broken, it's ridiculous, no offense intended.
I wonder if there could be a version just like it but without the increased mineral generation.
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I have plans to decrease it soon. Thanks for the input!
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