Better Traditional Chinese Translation (v1.0.0)

Players playing Minecraft: Bedrock Edition may find that there are many ridiculous translations. For example, a translation of Dropper would make it seem like a game for falling, a translation of Silk Touch would make it seem like an enchantment used to gather treasure, and a translation of Conduit would give the impression that the item is a pipe, etc. This resource pack brings translations from Java Edition and Minecraft Wiki for a better gaming experience.

Some translations can feel ridiculous. For example:

  1. Dropper should be translated as "投擲器". Translating to "墜落遊戲" makes players wonder why the dropper block is used to play a game for falling. (玩家表示: 為什麼這個方塊是用來玩 "墜落遊戲" 的?)
  2. Silk Touch should be translated as "絲綢之觸". Translating to "聚寶" makes players wonder why this enchantment can't gather treasures, but only collects the block itself. (玩家表示: 為什麼這個附魔不能聚集寶物,而只是收集方塊本身?)
  3. Conduit should be translated as "海靈核心". Translating to "導管", players might wonder why this item is called that when it's clearly not a pipe. (玩家表示: 這個物品明明不是管子,為什麼會這樣稱呼?)
  4. Vex should be translated as "惱鬼" and should not be transliterated as "維克絲". (玩家表示: 叫 "惱鬼" 很難嗎?)

This resource pack fixes a lot of translation problems and changes many wordings to be the same as Java Edition.
這個資源包修正了很多翻譯問題,修改了很多用詞並與 Java 版相同。

While others are making resource packs for correcting translations, none are complete. This resource pack provides a relatively complete translation correction.

  • Fixes for blocks, items, entities, etc (方塊、物品、實體等的修正):
  • Game rule names are corrected and unified with Java Edition (遊戲規則名稱的修正並與 Java 版統一):
  • Correction of command output results (指令輸出結果的修正):
  • Correction of typos (錯別字的修正):
  • Correction of the content of How to Play (遊戲說明的內容修正):
  • Correction of other content (其他內容的修正).

The resource pack also differentiates the rarity of many items like Java Edition.
該資源包也和 Java 版一樣區分了許多物品的稀有度。

  • Yellow (黃色): Uncommon (少見)
  • Cyan (青色): Rare (稀有)
  • Magenta (洋紅色): Epic (史詩)
  • Gold (金色): Ominous (不祥)

The resource pack also additionally provides splash texts in Traditional Chinese.

Due to the MCPE-58983 issue, the End Poem is still in English and cannot be translated into Chinese. After the issue is fixed, the traditional Chinese version of The End Poem will be available normally.
由於 MCPE-58983 問題,終末之詩仍為英文,無法翻譯成中文。該問題修復之後,即可正常提供繁體中文版本的終末之詩。


Future Development

  • Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) language will be added. It will be an independent language option.
    將加入繁體中文 (香港) 語言。這將是一個獨立的語言選項。
  • Support for translation mods/add-ons.



If you find a bug or want to make a feature request, welcome to join my Discord server. You can also report bugs or make feature requests in the comments section below.
如果您發現錯誤或想要提出功能請求,歡迎加入我的 Discord 伺服器。您也可以在下面的留言區報告錯誤或提出功能請求。



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Select version for changelog:

  1. Fix some incorrect translations.
  2. The UUID of the resource pack is re-assigned so that you do not need to delete the old resource pack before installing the new one.
    資源包的 UUID 被重新分配,因此您無需在安裝新資源包之前刪除舊資源包。


Before downloading, please note:

  1. This resource pack only supports Traditional Chinese. Players using Simplified Chinese should click HERE to download the translation pack by Ff98sha.
    本資源包僅支援繁體中文。使用簡體中文的玩家請按這裡下載由 Ff98sha 製作的翻譯包。
    本资源包仅支持繁体中文。使用简体中文的玩家请点击这里下载由 Ff98sha 制作的翻译包。
  2. This resource pack only modifies the language files and additionally translates the splash texts, so you can safely use it with other resource packs.

How to install:

  1. Download this Resource Pack with the link below.
  2. Load it into your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.
    將其載入到您的 Minecraft 基岩版中。
  3. Go to Settings -> Global Resources, and then apply it.
    到 [設定] -> [全球資源套件],然後套用。

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