BetterBedrock Add-on

You want new features to improve your Minecraft experience : New ores like the ruby or the copper, improved deserts with oasis and quicksand, a more realistic gameplay with temperature, infected Zombies and even more… This Add-On is maybe for you.

This Add-On improve Minecraft gameplay by adding a lot of features :  new naturally generated blocks and structures, new zombie variants, some interesting items, and even useful commands (worldborder, vanish…).

All BetterBedrock features are presented below.

Ruby and copper stuff :

► Ruby Ore Added : 

• Ruby ore are generated naturally between Y=10 to Y=20 layers and are more common in desert biomes.
• Don’t require a pickaxe to be obtained, it’s due to a missing functionality with Minecraft addons, but you have to mine this block a couple of seconds before breaking whatever the tool 😔

► Ruby (item) added :

• Obtained by mining a ruby ore.
• Obtained in some chests structures such as desert temple, dungeons…
• Obtained by using 1 ruby block in a crafting table (1 ruby block = 9 rubies). 

► Ruby block added :

• Can regenerate (with a Regeneration I effect) all the players who are very close to this block. Its inspired by beacon features but without using beacons 😝
• Obtained by using 9 ruby gems in a crafting table (9 ruby gems = 1 ruby block).

► Added the Copper ore :

• Generated naturally between Y=0 to Y=96 layers and are more common between Y=48 to Y=80 layers.
• Don’t require a pickaxe to be obtained, it’s due to a missing functionality with Minecraft addons, but you have to mine this block some seconds whatever your tool, like with Ruby Ore. 

► Added the Copper ingot :

• Obtained by smelting a copper ore in a furnace.
• Obtained by using 1 copper block in a crafting table (1 copper block = 9 copper ingots). 

► Added the Copper nugget :

• Obtained by using 1 copper ingot in a crafting table (1 copper ingot = 9 copper nuggets).
• Obtained by smelting copper tools in a furnace (1 copper tool = 1 copper nugget). 

► Added the Copper block :

• Obtained by using 9 copper ingots in a crafting table (9 copper ingots = 1 copper block).
• Can regenerate (with a Haste I effect) all the players who are very close to this block. Its inspired again by beacon features.

► Ruby Sword added :

• Same craft that other materials but with rubies instead.
• Damages : +7.5
• Durability : 1250 

It’s slightly higher than diamond swords (+0.5 damages). For the moment, ruby swords are more powerful than diamond swords because they don’t support enchantments yet, but for the next BetterBedrock’s version, I will create an alternative of “vanilla enchantments” as good as possible 😉

► Copper Sword added :

• Same craft that other materials but with rubies instead.
• Damages : +6.5
• Durability : 220

Note : Other tools (pickaxe, shovel…) will be available when MCBE Addons allow some new block mining components and the possibility to make these new items

Other new blocks and Items :

► Nether Gold Ore added :

• Generated naturally in Nether biomes, mostly between Y=32 to Y=96 layers and near to Zombie Pigmen.
• Drops some gold nuggets and sometimes 1 gold ingot. 

► Mud block added :

• Generated very often in rivers and swamps.
• Generated progressively around water lakes and beaches.
• Replaces only dirt and grass in the world generation.
• Obtained by using 9 mud balls in a crafting table (9 mud balls = 1 mud block).

► Mud ball added :

• Obtained by using 1 mud block in a crafting table (1 mud block = 9 mud balls). 

► Quicksand block added :

Quicksand gameplay (Sorry for the very bad quality 😝)

• Generated in desert biomes.
• Can slow, then sink all entities who are on quicksand blocks, except Husks.
It’s a dangerous trap… be careful ! 

► Spiky block added :

• Every players or Mobs will receive damages when they are on top of this block.
• Can be crafted with 3 cobblestone and 4 iron or copper ingots.
• The texture has a little animation, but in the future, there will be spikes that could come out of this block. 

► Hardstone added :

• Replace Bedrock at layers 2-5 and can be minable.
• Useless for the moment but this block will have some interests (for the ore generation).

New Mobs :

► “Alex” Zombie variant added :

• Has approximately the same behavior than classic zombies but has an “Alex”-based texture.
• Deals -0.5 damages than classic zombies.
• Move a little faster than classic zombies.
• It’s a suggestion by some subscribers of BetterBedrock’s creator.
• Represents 50 % of in-game zombies now. 

► Infected Zombies variants (Steve and Alex) added :

• Has approximately the same behavior than classic zombies.
• Infect players with a poison I effect of 15 seconds (5s in “easy” mode, 25s in “hard” mode).
• Represents 25 % of in-game zombies now.

► Loop Executor added (⚠ It’s a technical Mob) :

• It’s not a Mob like others (Zombies…), its role is only to execute function commands to make some features working (Mud spawn, Oasis generation…).
• There is always only one Loop Executor on a Map, which spawns in a bedrock cage at Y=255 on top of the Map’s world spawn.
• Please don’t spawn this with egg or summon. If there is zero Loop Executor, you have to use /function reload in order to spawn a Loop Executor correctly.

► Tarantula (⚠ Entity not functionnal ⚠) :

• It’s a big spider that will spawn underground. But I keep this Mob for the future version 🙃

New Generated Structures :

► Stalagmites added :

• Generated sometimes in caves of every frozen biomes.
• 3 differents height : 1.5 meters, 2m and 2.5 meters.
• Behaves like an immobile entity which looks like a stalagmite of ice.
• If you broke a stalagmite, it will drop up to 3 ice or packed ice blocks.

► Oasis added :

• Generated rarely in desert biomes, between Y=63 and Y=65 layers.
• Contains a small lake with one tropical fish, one “Palm” tree (it’s a reviewed jungle tree) and grass.

Gameplay Features :

► Dynamic light (works partially) :

• It lights area when a player holds a lantern.
• Having a lantern on hand since 10 minutes, the lantern will be cleared from the Player’s inventory and replaced by 8 iron nuggets.
• In the future, dynamic light will works for most of light sources. Different light sources will be separated into 4 levels of light intensity :
-Very high : Lava, glowstone, lantern, sea_lantern, lit_pumpkin
-High : torch, end rod, enchanting table
-Medium : Redstone torch, Redstone ore, Ender chest
-Low : Glowstone dust, magma, dragon egg

► Temperature (works partially) :

Don’t worry ! It will not makes the gameplay really harder, it’s just small changes in general, but it’s still an indicator to take account 😉
• If you stay a long time in frozen biomes, on ice, snow or frozen blocks, you will get slowness and mining fatigue, then receive some damages, but it’s viable.
• If you stay a long time on hot sources (fire, torch… and even when you have fire resistance effect ⚠), you will get also slowness and mining fatigue, then receive damages.

► If you are in tall grass or sugar cane, you will get a Slowness II effect, but slowness will be ended if you exit tall grasses :

► Dropped saplings from any tree types will sometimes be planted on ground automatically.

► If an entity is on a lilypad, it will be destroyed and dropped.

Useful functions : 

/function vanish : Give infinite invisibility with disabled particles to the player.

/function night-vision : Give infinite night vision with disabled particles to the player.

► World border functions :

Be careful before using this !
• Create a world border with barrier blocks in your world.
• You need to execute this command in a repeat command block in order to worldborder works.
• Functions corresponding to different world border sizes :
/function worldborder-20k : for a 20.000 blocks Map size (within world borders).
/function worldborder-10k : for a 10.000 blocks Map size (within world borders).
/function worldborder-4096 : for a 4.096 blocks Map size (within world borders).
/function worldborder-2048 : for a 2.048 blocks Map size (within world borders).
/function worldborder-512 : for a 512 blocks Map size (within world borders).
• It’s recommended to use in a other repeat command block the /function worldborder-protection command.

/function reload : Spawn a new cage with a Loop Executor inside. You can use this if you accidentally killed the last Loop Executor.

/function clear-lags :

• Be careful before using this ! Not recommended for servers/Realms !
• Kills all Mobs without names (which are probably not tamed Mobs) except villagers and some entities (like armor stand).
• Resets all scoreboards.

/function kill-everyone :

Please use this instead of /kill @e !
• Kills every entities except the Loop Executer.

Balance Changes :

► Improvements on items :

• Stick : Deals +0.5 damage (randomly 0 or +1).
• Flint : Deals up to +2 damages (randomly 0, +1 or +2).
• Blaze Rod : Deals +1 damage.
• Trident (melee usage) : 9 -> 8 damages. 

Why I balance these items : -Increasing a little damages for some items because of their sharp form. -The melee damages for tridents is reduced because tridents are too overpowered in melee use unlike throw use. 

Note : 1 damage point = 1 half-heart. 2 damage points = 1 full heart.

► Improvements on Entities :

• TNT and Ender Crystal : Reduced explosion radius by 25%.

Reason : Reduce a little griefings in Realm and servers but make Ender crystal more dangerous with fire when destroyed (It will not happens if the gamerule “dofiretick” is disabled)

• Snowball :
-Damages : 0 -> 0.5 (randomly 0 or 1 damages).

• Fireball (from Ghast) :
-Power : 1 -> 1.25

► Improvements on Mobs :

• Baby Mobs :
-HP : -40 %.
-Can now drop some XP.

• Creeper and Charged Creeper :
-Reduced explosion radius by 25%.

• Skeletons and Strays :
-Increased attack delay by 0.5 sec.
-Increased damages by 33 %.

• Spider :
-Can now place 1 spider web every 10 minutes.
-Size : -50%.
-HP : 16 -> 6.

• Cave Spider :
-Can now place 1 spider web every 10 minutes.
-Can now place some spider webs near to players.
-Size : -40%.
-HP : 12 -> 5.

• Slimes :
-Can stick players and give Slowness effect to them for some seconds.

• Silverfish :
-Can affect players with Mining Fatigue for some seconds.

• Endermite :
-Can affect players with Nausea for some seconds.

• Drowned :
-Swim faster.

• Blaze, Witch, Shulker and Evocation Illager :
-HP : +20 % approximately.

• Bee :
-Size : 70%.
-HP : -60%

• Other small balances but not important.

Why I balanced a lot of Mobs ?
I updated these Mobs mainly for gameplay consistency, makes useless Mobs (Silverfishes…) more impressive and innovative, makes the game easier at the beginning of a survival serie, then make the game harder (after entering the Nether, dueling the Wither, adventuring a Ocean monument…).


Credits :

► Addon created by : Floshox (me)

► Floshox’s Twitter :

► Some textures designed by :
Adrien Sama 63

► Discord server for Floshox’s Add-Ons (Worldborder, BetterBedrock…) :

I create this Discord for suggestion, bug reports and more.

Other informations :

-Thanks in advance to give us suggestions, by joining the Discord above.
-If you have a problem (installation, bug…), contact me with the Discord above.

-Sorry for my bad english, because I’m French, but I done some efforts to make a comprehensible documentation, I hope 😂

Changelog View more

► 1.0.3 Update : Documentation update

• Added a better thumbnail.
• Updated download links and names.
• Updated some sentences in the Add-On documentation.

----- v1.0.2 -----

-You will no longer be redirected to If you choose the BetterBedrock ".mcworld" Addon ;) You will be redirected directly to the Addon ;)

-Added Hardstone description

The BetterBedrock v1.1 with new features like Tarantula Mob, more advanced temperature system and more will be available soon, be patient :D  

► 1.0.1 Update

-Added a second download link with the .zip extension (BetterBedrock). Once downloaded it, you have to extract it and put the 2 folders (Behavior and Resource Pack) in the good Minecraft's folders.
-Edited credit part in this Addon page.


1 - Click on the link to download BetterBedrock. 2 versions : .mcworld and .zip.

2 - You will be redirected to the BetterBedrock download page (Mediafire), and you can download it.

3 - If the file is compressed in a .zip, you have to extract the .zip, otherwise, if it's directly the .mcaddon file, open it and the addon is installed.

4 - Open Minecraft, create a world, enable the BetterBedrock behavior pack, and resource packs in World's options

5 - Be sure to have enabled EXPERIMENTAL MODE !!!

6 - Be sure to have enabled "cheats" option !

7 - Enjoy 😋

Sorry for low-end devices but you will have some problems, mostly lags. But I advice you to try by yourself, you will maybe have surprises 😉
Normally, it works for every Minecraft Better Edition platforms : iOS, Android, Windows 10, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta)

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  1. Vishal Gupta says:

    Can you make it compitable with minecraft 1.16

  2. EatNYeet says:

    Dude. It’s hard to believe that this addon can be improved.

  3. Nogood says:

    The quicksand sounds hilarious 😂😂😂

  4. Guest-5482098723 says:

    the mod does not work i did all the steps and it still does not work

  5. Guest-4217058365 says:

    Does the quicksand work in the current mcbe version?? Please respond I have been looking for a addon that has quicksand that works

  6. Floshox says:

    A working link to Floshox’s Add-Ons Discord server :

  7. Guest-1996571117 says:

    The discord link isn’t working?

  8. Guest-5279183035 says:

    what am I gonna do aftwr extracting the .zip file? help pls?

    • Floshox says:

      You have to put the “Better Bedrock BP” folder (BP = Behavior Pack) in the Minecraft’s “behavior_packs” folder, then, the “Better Bedrock RP” folder (RP = Resource Pack) in the Minecraft’s “resource_packs” folder

  9. This add-on is absolutely amazing I love it so much! but i have a suggestion that if you can shorten how long it takes to break because it takes along time to do it so at the most you can break it as fast a wood plank or long does, just until MC adds the functionalities for certian tool types can break certain blocks

  10. Guest-6738743687 says:

    i cant find the copper and ruby pls help

    • Guest-8134692973 says:

      Do you have enabled experimental mode ?
      You can also try to put my Behavior and Resource Packs (Better Bedrock ones) on the top of the list.

      -Floshox (but MCPEDL disconnect me 😭)

  11. Guest-8818486790 says:

    they just predicted a java snapshot update

  12. Guest-8132908806 says:

    Bug!!!!!!i can make ruby by nothing

    • Floshox says:

      I met some people who have this bug, and this bug is here if you load several addons in one world, and depending on the addons you have loaded in your world. I will try to fix this in the next update 😁

  13. Guest-6842667032 says:

    Hey there, is there anyway to turn off the temperature and the slowness affect? Like any files I can edit as the mod works perfectly apart from me getting slowness no matter where I am

  14. Guest-1203432666 says:

    yeah but I get this effect every where in the game, no matter the biome

  15. Guest-4487685128 says:

    It’s mostly really cool but when im playing i keep on randomly getting the slowness effect for no apparent reason, i play on Windows 10

    • Guest-6836092611 says:

      • If you stay a long time in frozen biomes, on ice, snow or frozen blocks, you will get slowness and mining fatigue, then receive some damages, but it’s viable.
      • If you stay a long time on hot sources (fire, torch… and even when you have fire resistance effect ⚠), you will get also slowness and mining fatigue, then receive damages.

  16. Guest-7740064548 says:

    This looks awesome, cant wait to see you add more stuff and I hope you keep up with it! 😀

    • Floshox says:

      Thanks 😄 I will release new feature versions with new stuff 😀 Stay connected on the BetterBedrock’s Discord server to see the future features, the progression of development of the next BetterBedrock release and so on 😀

  17. Guest-5952989106 says:

    se puede jugar este mod en Realm?

  18. Guest-6113772428 says:

    Make a copper and ruby armor

  19. Guest-5082770841 says:

    When I tried to download it my virus protector said it had a virus. please fix it as I really want to get this addon.

  20. Floshox says:

    For bug reports, discussion about new BetterBedrock features and more. I created a Discord server specially for that :

  21. Guest-1874212426 says:

    Cool mod but you should add more usecases for the copper like maybe add the ability to craft things like hoppers, minecarts etc with it

  22. User-9446284406 says:

    The site doesnt work

  23. User-7142666654 says:

    Can you make a shrinking border? Is the border visible?

  24. Fenril says:

    How to make the added tools?
    and how to revert copper or ruby blocks back to ingot?

    I don’t have the items added in the crafting table

  25. GabeTHB says:

    This is a cool mod, but could you add some tech stuff, like more redstone things, guns, or other tech?

    • Floshox says:

      Yes, I planned some features for redstone uses, but I don’t want so much to add guns (e.g. real guns like in FPS games 😂), but I will prefer to add weapons with a “Minecraft” style, like bow, crossbow, sword…
      You can join the BetterBedrock’s server (at the bottom of the Addon’s documentation) if you want to give me (us) some good suggestions like that 😀

  26. Anonymous says:

    Very cool mod but my texture packs dont wor not sure if its a console problem

    • Floshox says:

      Sorry for you, I had never test my addon on a console (because I don’t have a PS4 / XBox One or Switch 😭) so It’s hard to me to detect problem between my addon and console platforms 😔
      If your texture pack doesn’t work, you can put this on the top of the texture pack list, both on your world option, both in the resource pack category

  27. Bruno says:

    Does it work for realms?

    • Floshox says:

      Only features which don’t require “experimental gameplay” option work.
      Features which can work : Mobs, functions commands, loot tables, custom recipes, some animations…
      Features which can’t work : Custom blocks and items, custom biomes and ore features

  28. Kai says:

    To go around the adds click the zip and rename the .zip to .mcaddon and then when it says it my cause the file to be unstable say okay

    • Floshox says:

      To avoid problems, I posted 2 different Addon’s extension (.mcaddon and .zip), make sure to try the 2 different extension. If you have some problems, you can join BetterBedrock’s Discord server to discuss with your problem, and try to solve it 😀

  29. Werewolf says:

    Hey man. Loving this mod. Beautiful concept and the shaders are making things nice. Not sure if it’s just for me but the swords are hitting with the damage of a punch.

  30. DutiKun says:

    I just have to say: WOW, I really love this addom, it adds so many cool things I’ve never thought of (I’m also and addon creator – [calles “TheMoreMod”]

    I tested it and I really enjoyed it😁

  31. Vulime says:

    Sorry but i just couldnt open it. Im on ios 13.3 and when i opened it i just opened the google drive instead of minecraft

  32. Vulime says:

    Sorry but i just couldnt open it. Im on ios 13.3 and when i opened it i just opened the google

  33. mana says:

    i can play in survival in this mod?

  34. Dragolosse says:

    Donc d’après la vidéo des sables mouvants tu est français??

  35. SharkTooth says:

    It wont work… Why?! I extracted the zip file and tried opening the normal file… I’m on a Samsung s10 do I need to be on a pc?

    • Floshox says:

      Normally it’s not a .zip file, but a .mcaddon file, you just need to open this and all the addon (behavior + resource packs) will be imported 😀
      It’s works for mobiles without the use of PC ^^

  36. SharkTooth says:

    It wont work… Why?! I extracted the zip file and tried opening the normal file… I’m on a Samsung s10 do I need to be on a pc

  37. Neat says:

    Are the tools not added yet?

    • Floshox says:

      Only Swords are added, but other tools (pickaxe…) will be added in the future, when there will be the possibility to mine stone faster with pickaxe, restrict block drops for only pickaxes… because it’s not interesting at the moment .

  38. Ultranety says:

    If only the modding API allowed custom blocks so the stagelmites weren’t entities. Mojang and Microsoft intentionally limited it.

    But all in all very a promising Add on, I look forward to the progress you will make with this

  39. Anonymous says:

    Why do I forget

  40. Anonymous says:

    I meant to put 5 stars also could you make the tarantula have better legs that just regular spiders?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Pretty good I haven’t seen a mod which adds other entities and items into the game Ina while

  42. 102582947 says:

    You should add a boss

    Undead Warlord

  43. Neat says:

    Their is bug then in survival you look at the crafting menu in a crafting table and inventory its just has rubys in crafting area which you can just grab infinite of

  44. McBluezzs says:

    Floxhox can I change the texture of the zombie and other block I don’t know why but it’s kinda annoy me really.

  45. Maxi says:

    El complemento me gusta,pero como hago para q me funcione la iluminacion dinamica o realista(es la q aparece en una linterna iluminando alrededor sin ponerla)…

  46. br says:

    Why don’t you use the adoon 100 ores tool system?
    With that the tools will work, just touch the block

  47. Floshox says:

    Future features and improvements – BetterBedrock v1.1 :
    -Ambiant sounds for oceans, like Minecraft Java
    -Ambiant sounds for caves, like Minecraft Java too
    -Maybe “Infected” texture for Infected Zombie Alex, but I don’t want to make this texture too “gore”… Minecraft it’s also a game for kids 😝
    -Improvements for temperature system, it will be based on the biome where the player is, and no longer on the block (snow…) where the player is above.
    -Return of Tarantula (Mob), but it will be only a purple big spider (with the same model as classic spiders) and will spawn only underground.
    -Fixes oasis generation because there is some problems 😣
    -Fixes Infected zombies moving (sometimes too fast or too slow).

    Any suggestions ? Other bugs to fixes ?
    I prefer works on bugs than features for the future version (1.1) because I think it’s more important that my Addon Works well.

  48. Anonymous says:

    The link doesn’t work and can you make one for ps4.

    • Floshox says:

      Normally, it’s the same for every platforms (I never can tested on consoles and I want someone to verify if this Addon works on consoles or no please 😉).
      For the link, I will create an 2nd link with an other hoster, because some people have problems with, don’t worry 😁

  49. ThisJobYT says:

    Just one question.. Does this Addon require Scripts to run?

  50. Dj says:

    Seems usefull. I will try this soon

  51. kadvaru says:

    the pack is great, but what shader were you using in the screenshots? or is it a personal one?

  52. BenJamin9794 says:


    25 Stars

  53. Crocs says:

    Crocodiles should spawn I’m the oasis

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