Published on January 28, 2022 (Updated on January 28, 2022)

BetterMC Client | PvP and Survival MCBE Client

The BetterMC Client is special for PvP and Survival PLayers. We have alot of features like a Music Player, RGB damage Color, new UI, new Settings and a great Dark and Light Mode.

The BetterMC Client has This features... 

For Survival Players

  • Better Sky
  • Better Moon/ Sun
  • Better Mob Models
  • Better Ore textures
  • Clean glass

For PvP Players

  • Damage Indicator
  • RGB Damage Color
  • Music Player
  • Better Sword Textures

The UI

The BetterMC client makes the UI smoother, Cooler and better.


Pause Screen

Settings Screen

Chat Icons

The BetterMC Client gives you new chat icons, yes they are working on servers, but only players who also useing the BetterMC client can see them.

Join the MiniMine Discord and type !bettermc in the bot channel, than Mee6 send a message with the icons, you only have to copy and paste them !


join the MiniMine Discord HERE

Select version for changelog:

  • Fixed a bug inside the Startscreen User Interface
  • Texture change


Download the BetterMC Client from Mediafire, go to your Downloads folder and double click the file "BetterMC.mcpack" than it will import itself.

Installation Guides

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Updates, Bug fixes and more coming soon :-)
amazing pack! where’s the music player? also, can you just put the emojis in the description?
how do I add my music it says my music but I have no idea how to add
This is really cool, the bug in the video setting section, I hope it will be better in the future , and may I review?
Updates, Bug fixes and more coming soon :-)