Published on January 22, 2021 (Updated on October 31, 2022)

Big Mobs Add-on

Would you like your Minecraft world to be more challenging and with more epic battles? Then the big mobs of this addon will make you very happy... or maybe not he-he!

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  • All mobs identifiers have been changed.
  • Fixed spawn density so giant mobs spawn less on servers and realms.


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Update 1.20.51 + o superior please
Big spider, big cave spider, big creeper, big enderman please
A great and classic accessory.

1) update to version 1.19.20 and above as 1.20.

2) unique texture for giant mobs, such as scars, color changes, indicating their mini-boss status, and seaweed over their species.

3) Better loot, for example they can give a little more rotten meat, bone than a normal zombie or skeleton and also give items that encourage them to face and kill them, for example a little raw iron or a little raw gold. (although with the possible change of minecraft with respect to the villagers and their book trades, these giant Mobs, being rare to appear and find, could give unique books that will only trade specific bookmaster villagers of each biome, such as the enchantment of fortune, although clearly no "big mob" would give the repair enchantment, since this would already be too much.

4) The addition of the giant Endeman would be great, just like a big creeper, the explosion of this creeper can be 2 or even 4 times more than a normal explosion, even if taking into account a big charged creeper, the explosion may be 💥 just double it either way, also this big creeper could melee and not explode, it would just try to get close and explode when low on health.

5) You could also add large mobs from the nether such as piglins or hoglins (with textures that differentiate them) or looter pillagers that appear rarely
maybe change the texture of the big mobs so we can see the difference between whos safer to attack
its hard to spot its size if its alone. therefore i recommend to add a texture in big mobs,
Quick question: does the mob had 100% chance of spawning in giant mode? if not, is there a way to make all mobs had 100% chance of spawning in giant mode?
This is a good add-on, but you should really tone down the health and damage of the mobs. For a common zombie only 50% bigger than a regular zombie having as much health as an ender dragon, and can almost 1-hit an ender dragon is pretty crazy. Maybe just make it like 80 hp and 10 damage. XD
Bro, I think you are very fan or very respectful of the ender dragon, but as I told you in the other add-on, the difficulty of the ender dragon is not its damage or health, it's cause the towers, its attacks and the fact that it flies and that you are surrounded of endermen, if you will get to fight with it without all these advantages, the ender dragon is a very easy mob to kill; these mobs have the function of being mini-bosses, and despite their health and strength they are still very easy to eliminate or ignore.
I think you misspelled 15 to 150 damage, if so then I take back what I said.