Published on March 12, 2023

BIG MOBS small mobs

How big, exactly? Well, bigger than big! And smaller than small. And everything in between. This pack randomizes the size of every Minecraft mob. You never know what you're going to get. How about a Pillager bigger than his Pillager Outpost? Why not! A leviathan-size turtle? Sure. An arrow bigger than a really big harpoon, or smaller than a toothpick? Yes, we need this.

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Wonder what would happen if I spawned in a giant chicken, do you think I could ride It like a baby zombie?
so, an xp orb's size determines it's value. xp orbs are entities so just one zombie could easily get you many levels. good mod, 5 stars will add to all my worlds (within reason)
Exp farms are hard for me to make, but this will be fun either way
Yes, Please put this mcpedl link when ur gonna post it on yt.
You can use this on ur texture pack but dont post it when this pack is included:)

Thx for the 5stars:D