Published on May 10, 2021 (Updated on June 04, 2021)

Biodiversity: Penguins

Have you ever wanted more biomes inside of Minecraft? This addon is made to fulfil that by adding in vanilla styled features and biomes into the game. The goal of this addon is to add in a new biome every update, to eventually contain a large range of biomes & features!

[ Version 1.2.0 ]


Where are penguins found?

Penguins can be found in Cold, Snowy And Icy biomes!

They may also be found swimming in cold oceans too!

Baby penguins

Baby penguins can spawn naturally along with their parents

As a baby they will have different behaviors ( eg. following parents )

Them growing up can be speed up by feeding them; fish, salmon or cod!

What do they drop?

They drop fish ?amp; Feathers, but why would you want to kill them!

[ Version 1.1.0]

Wisteria Forest Biome

The wisteria Biome is a biome added in [ v 1.1.0 ]; The biome contains wisteria trees & Vanilla flowers


[ V 1.0.0 ]

Cherry Blossom Biomes

This first update adds in three different variations of cherry blossom forests! The three variations of this biome are: Mixed Cherry Blossom Forests, Pink Cherry Blossom Forests and White Cherry Blossom Forests. As the name suggests each biome contains different coloured cherry blossoms. 

Features of the Cherry Forests

Inside of these biomes they contain: 

Red Bonnet Flowers ( Custom flowers )


Inside of this biome you can also find Bamboo & Pandas


Lastly but not least, this biome contains cherry trees. They are made up of custom leaves and the ordinary minecraft log. The leaves drop the sapling for that tree which can be used to grow your own trees! To get the leaves you will need to use shears!

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This update adds in penguins! Read the section [ v1.2.0 ] for the trailer & Changelog!


Enable Holiday Creator Features, Creation of Custom biomes and Additional Modding Capabilities!

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The addon will work on 1.16.220+ now! :)

(plz make some of them tameable)
AMAZING. I recommend this!
The mod is awesome! my only problem is that the white trees do not drop saplings.
Cherry Blossom only? and their variations?
Thehaloprotector May 12, 2021 at 8:59 pm
Hak hak😂 I really thought you added new Biomes 😭🙌
The addon will work on 1.16.220+ now! :)
can this work for 1.16 pls
Hello! I Will try and upload the fixed packs to mcpedl later on. Temporarily I've got the fixed packs on my discord:

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Link for discord is not working
Here is the invite code 👍: rspBK4dbS2
I also just realized your new here! So we are the Same of having only 1 Add-ons & Mods for now!
Good Luck to the both of Us!
I'm surprised that Add-ons as Small like this being simple as Biomes & Trees can be Approved. This helps me so much of knowing!

5 Stars as Respect
I dont think it has nothing to do with the addon size but more with the description.