Published on September 11, 2019 (Updated on August 29, 2020)

Biome Randomizer Addon

This addon replaces all of the biomes with randomly generated ones. The grass layer, dirt layer, and stone layer all have random blocks replacing them. For example, you can find a diamond biome.

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+ Updated addon to 1.16

+ Added the new blocks



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It's a cool mod. But I'm only getting stone. Epic idea though.
I think the terrain still doesn't work, and it only generates stone terrain.
Guest-4825631109 May 19, 2020 at 6:41 pm
it says supported versions 1.12 and 1.13 so dont be dumb
It changed everything to stone pls fix
In the recent update it broke now it’s just stone.
MCPE is missing something. It's the ability to change the Block Loot Tables! November 30, 2019 at 4:57 pm
Where's the Chest Loot Randomizer?
Yo to all xbox players. Not ur fault but when it says "press allow" wake sure it is a www4. Not www1. Hope this fixed your problems. If you cant get the download link to use with file downloader download it then do save as. Save it to a folder then go to UFO and then go to the start directory and pick the location you downloaded it to them press "b" till you are back to the packages then you can directly move it to the mojang folder. Works for all non mediafire links.
From GT: IlIl Virus lIlI
This Addon should be entirely random in what blocks it has in what biome. This should be the same for all other addons
This Addon should be entirely randomized with what blocks appear where. This should be the same for all other addons.
I wish it was entirely random what blocks appear in biomes. This should be the same for the other Addons like scramble craft and others.
Can't get to the download links on xbox so this gets a 0/5 from me. I understand the individual was trying to make some spare cash, but on xbox it's literally impossible to download any of the addos he's made. =/
Both download links require you to accept push notifications before letting you through. This author sucks for choosing the most annoying, intrusive adfly options possible. No one is going to allow adfly to push spam to their PC hourly for a few simple .json files.
Deny button exist.
Allowing notifications wont lead you to the download, but denying them does
Epic, but you should add trees (if you can). Otherwise, It's awesome! I really like that you but chests with stuff inside them!
From the screenshot and the files they are promising.But after I added the behaviour pack whit the experimental gameplay on it's all become a stone. Just stone a stone for miles