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Published on April 24, 2018 (Updated on April 24, 2018)

Biomes Parkour [Parkour]

This is a parkour map with 15 different levels based on the different biomes in Minecraft. To complete a level and proceed to the next one you need to get from the ground level to the top platform. The parkour challenges are considered easy and should be best suitable for beginners who have not yet tried many parkour games before.

Creator: MattH44TwitterWebsite
Updated: 2 July, 2018 (added 5 levels, bug fixes)


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raymondplaygames on twitch June 17, 2021 at 4:21 pm
i could skip most of the map by jumping on the wall at the mountains you should make the walls higher but its a pretty good map :-)
me:im a parkour master
me again:why is this so hard
each time i try to go to the download link it sends me to adfly which just has weird ads
Bro if you want a download of ut first subscribe to my youtube Name:hanzdaguman second subscrube with the notification bell on third wait till i post it Bye...
Seriously mate, you made all the levels nearly impossible, not everyone is an expert at parkour! I couldn’t get past the first level so I deleted the game
I’m sorry, but if I make it easier than this it will be way too easy- many people can complete this in 10 minutes. Maybe try an easier parkour map
Some blocks were missing but it is awesome map
I tried to make sure all the blocks were there- can you be specific and tell me which levels were missing blocks? Thank you.
It was the desert level
You can cheat a lot of times there are no barriers ?????
You can cheat a lot of times there are no barriers
I will try to consider this for future updates and maps. Thanks!
Woooowwwwww Cool Map, And Pls Update Map To v2
There has been one update (version 2) and I plan on making more :)
Can you make the box little higher?
I will consider that for future updates or maps. Thank you!
Wow cool map! I had to play this on my pc beacuse i didnt know how to put it on my xbox. I played with my controller though! I loved the style, the effort you put in i wish i could give it 1,000,000 stars!
I really appreciate your honest feedback. Thanks!
great map keep it up
I appreciate your support. Thanks! <3
Can you make an update ? It's so cool !!!
I have released 1 update, and I plan on adding more! Thanks!
Dude I I’m was the first post lier
Oh my goodness this is so awesome and this map became my favorite. :D (first to comment)
I'm glad you loved it! I appreciate your response! Thanks! :D
Are you in the right version?