Published on February 12, 2021 (Updated on April 06, 2021)

Blades of Teleportation V2! (Teleportation Ability!)

Have you ever wanted to be able to teleport around you Minecraft world like an enderman? Well with this addon you can! And all while outputting more damage than a netherite sword!

Created by: AbstractRemix

This is a relatively simple addon that adds 2 new weapons into Minecraft known as the 'Blade of Teleportation' and 'Spear of Teleportation', that can only be crafted with difficult to obtain items such as netherite, eyes of ender and ender pearls. The crafting recipes require netherite of course so this is an endgame weapon for those who have played in their worlds for a reasonable amount of time.

Sword of Teleportation In-Game

Sword of Teleportation Crafting Recipe

Spear of Teleportation In-Game

Spear of Teleportation Crafting Recipe

How to Use

After either of the blades of teleportation blades have been crafted simply right click (or whatever is relevant to your platform, left trigger, hold screen, etc.) and you will be teleported to the place you are looking at with a maximum distance of 7 for the blade of teleportation and 14 for the spear of teleportation. 

Other stuff –

Important: This add-on requires experimental features to function, please ensure you enable both ‘Additional Modding Capabilities’ AND ‘Holiday Creator Features’

Important: Make sure you download both the resource pack AND the behaviour pack!

Important: Make sure you delete old versions of the mod before installing new ones!

You are allowed to: 

Modify this addon for personal use 

Use this addon in any videos you wish with the link to the MCPEDL page featured somewhere.

You are not allowed to:

  • Provide download links other than the one featured at the bottom of this page
  • Modify and re-release this add-on
  • Claim this add-on as your own


NOTE: Durability for custom items is currently broken so the tools in this add-on will not lose durability, this will be fixed for the add-on whenever it is fixed by Minecraft

Thanks for downloading the add-on! Feel free to leave a comment and rating, it’s greatly appreciated! .

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Added new weapon, 'Spear of Teleportation'.

Updated description to make use instructions more clear.

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CHORFI ABDERRAHMEN April 08, 2021 at 1:32 am
I have an idea, can you create levels of Teleport weapons, which are with levels such as a wooden Teleport sword moves you 3 blocks, a stone transport you 4 blocks, Iron 5 and Gold 6 without reloading, and a diamond 7 with slow reload،

And also sorry for the last comment I would have put 👍 but I got it wrong
Hello, I know how to fix the durability and could I give you the code, do you have discord? over there I can pass you the code so that the durability works both when killing an entity and when chopping a block. my discord is: ★Meliodas★#6952
It's a random teleport? Or you can choose the place by like looking at?
Make a media fire link pls